Embracing Marketing Automation: Take the First Step!

For a while now, I have been saying that marketing automation and personalization are both must-do’s for every marketer. I have written several blog articles, trained and educated small business owners in numerous workshops, and even spoke about it on a panel at a conference in Las Vegas last year. I think of automation as a game-changer for any organization looking to extend its marketing reach in this day and age.

Yet, I remain surprised at how slow the adoption rate of marketing automation remains. Some marketers even buy automation products with aspirations of using the automation features, but end up only adopting a very basic use of the product, missing out on much of the potential it has to offer.

It’s especially baffling because we are marketing in a time when consumers are more empowered than ever. To reach those savvy consumers, every business needs to ensure that it is sending the right message, at the right time, to the right segment of the audience. This is only truly possible with the tools of marketing automation.

Moreover, automation also helps you get more done with your marketing campaigns. With the popularity of content marketing on the rise, marketers are pressured to write more content, post more often to more social media channels, and send more email campaigns. Why not automate some of this necessary work?

I recently spoke with iContact customer, Giana Noonan from BMC, one of the nation’s leading providers of building products and services for the residential housing market. BMC uses iContact Pro, but had yet to start using workflow automation. I was able to provide an overview and offer some example automation techniques to get them started.

When my discussion on workflows was over, I heard Giana say “This is way simpler!” I was intrigued by that statement and asked her to elaborate. She said that using workflows is going to be so much better than the way they currently set up email campaigns. Up until now, the company was basically using a shotgun approach and hoping for good results. Now, by using triggered workflows, BMC will be able to schedule campaigns and automate follow ups with their contacts. It’s truly a win-win situation for them and a great example of smartly using the tools you have — to achieve even better results.

If you are not using marketing automation, what is holding you back?

This article originally appeared on iContact and has been republished with permission.