Business decisions are made emotionally and justified rationally.

There is no machine acting logically and automatically to make decisions for us. Rather, there are hearts and brains influenced more strongly by their own personal feelings than by the incessant flow of data and information.

Yes, bright new technologies are bringing humans together as never before. Governments are felled in a single keystroke.

We should feel like gods, but somehow we don’t. Too often, we just feel numb.

Too often, a side effect of the tsunami of digital content is an utter lack of human relevance. All intimacy is gone. That is why if you truly want to connect with business decision makers, you must make them feel.

You must focus on the “why” of the business, the pure idea. The overwhelming desire to connect to this essence has been, and always will be, incredibly powerful. You need to share it, celebrate it, elevate it, beginning with the most important element of all: the people inside the business.

Anything is achievable when those who work for a company have an emotional connection with what they do. That’s why the whole culture of a business should be built on its “why” – and everything a business says to the outside should start on the inside.

These aspects are more vital now than any time before. As you will see in this groundbreaking report, powerful factors such as trust, culture and reputation play crucial roles in the minds of business decision makers. These ultimate intangibles will rarely show up in the data – but they are the most powerful drivers of true success.

Business decision makers want to feel something positive. After all, the choices made at work are the choices made in life: There is no separation. Work risks are personal risks. This is why although hard facts inform or color our decisions, we are ultimately influenced by emotion and won over through our hearts, not by data.

In order to better understand and quantify the role that emotional human factors play in decision making, gyro partnered with Fortune Knowledge Group to survey more than 700 high-level executives from a variety of disciplines across nine industries. We asked pointed questions about their hopes and fears, how they choose their partners, and how they deal with the tremendous complexities of business decision making within this hyperconnected world.

I know the results of this important study will help decision makers and marketers alike better comprehend and respect the humanity within businesses around the world – as well as the hopes, fears, and dreams that power them.

Business has never been more exciting. It’s our role to make it even more humanly relevant.

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