Individuals worldwide can exhibit their crafty ideas by approaching social media in a more innovative path. Often, that path may differ from person to person. We like to call this, niche social media. Do you meet the niche for your favorite social network? Here’s some of our niche examples for users of two very popular social media apps: Facebook and Instagram.

Niche Social Media

While many social media users look to Facebook in order to stay in touch with old high school friends or view photos of their friends or family members on vacation, others might use it to popularize their musical talent.

For example, for progressing local musicians, Facebook can be an ideal place to gain a fanbase, as the network is based on mutual friends and connections. Developing high school or college bands who strive for a larger audience can use Facebook as a tool to promote their music.

Supportive friends and family can help expand the music by sharing links of videos or posting about upcoming shows and events.

niche social media

The niche? Using friends, family and friends of friends and family to spread news or messages in a widespread manner, usually involves feedback.

Instagram is another social media tool that can be taken in several different ‘niche’ directions if you will.

For instance, artists and striving photographers can display their work and create special pages to promote themselves. Not only can individuals post pictures of their work, but they can also share 15 second videos. Some painters create rapid Instagram videos demonstrating the progression of their piece from start to finish. This approach offers people an interactive experience with the artist as well as understanding the process in a more imaginative sense. It can also inspire both skillful and novice artists to continue a piece even if it does not look spectacular from the very beginning.

niche social media

People attempting to promote a healthy lifestyle also post photos or videos on Instagram, which can be especially useful for those with limited downtime in their busy day. Posting pictures of healthy food items with a recipe and description as a caption can definitely spark up ideas amongst those who seek healthier alternatives. If the food options are successful for the individuals who recreate the item, they can then pass on the recipe to friends, ultimately advocating the original idea.

Additionally, posting workout routines on Instagram subconsciously motivates people as they scroll through their newsfeed. Evidently, this allows people who are generally occupied with a heavy workload throughout their day to watch a short clip and learn the correct deadlift form or simple, at-home squat exercises.

By creatively approaching Instagram, individuals can do more than simply post attractive photos of themselves, and instead discover ways to promote themselves and inspire others.

The niche: Show something off, what you did, what you made, what you ate or where you went. They key is do it with one stellar photo,video or caption, this often leads to actions taken by viewers who want to do, make, eat or go where you did.