Location based social media marketing is incredibly different from conventional keyword-based social media marketing. With keyword-based social media marketing, understanding the happenings at a particular location is difficult, yet it grants a business invaluable insight into overarching social media trends. If a business is in desperate need of connecting with the local community to increase sales, then location-based social media marketing is the way to go. Thus, while keyword-based tools are successful at providing insight about market trends globally, location-based tools are best at illuminating local trends.

location based social media marketing

What is location-based social media marketing?

Location-based social media marketing uses geo-specific tools to draw imaginary perimeters that will display all of the social content (such as on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) posted by users in that particular area. Most applications will then allow the user to filter the results by keyword, date, time, user, and social media channel. By granting a business an authentic view of the social media landscape of a selected location, a business will then be able to adjust its marketing campaigns, whether digital or print.

For example, imagine that #school is trending on Instagram. A SoHo business owner may decide to post a “school” picture that offers a 10% discount when shown at checkout. This would be a keyword-based social media marketing campaign. The SoHo business owner, unfortunately, did not understand that while #school was trending all over Europe and in the Midwest, it was not trending in the SoHo area of New York. If he had used location-based social media marketing, then he would have realized that #playground was trending in SoHo and could have instituted a social media campaign with that focus.

location based social media marketing

Here are the top applications to aid your location-based social media marketing campaigns!

  1. Geofeedia— Allows customers to “predict, analyze, and act on real-time social media content from anywhere in the world”
  1. Snaptrends — Permits users to “visualize social conversations by capturing and analyzing social media content in any specified geographic location”
  1. MomentFeed — “Connects national brands with local consumers in the communications they serve”
  1. Local Measure — Grants users the ability to “discover and understand your customers to improve guest experience and drive advocacy for your brand”

Perfecting a social media marketing campaign is a difficult task, yet location-based tools make it much simpler and much more successful. Learn about paid social media marketing tools here: Is Paid Social Media Marketing Worth It?

location based social media marketing