Because of its diverse influences, the English language is full of seemingly illogical constructions and rules. Unsurprisingly, these often cause even the most dedicated language enthusiast to trip up now and again. To help explain some of the most common grammar mistakes, Grammarly partnered with the YUNiversity to bring you these fun and clever visual tips.

How does affect differ from effect?

Affect vs. Effect

What’s the difference between fewer and less?

Fewer vs. Less

What is the past tense of lie?


Is it me or I?

Me or I

What is the difference between “send to” and “send for”?

Send to vs. Send for

What is the difference between “that” and “this”?

That vs. This

What is the difference between “yourself” and “yourselves”?

Yourself vs. Yourselves

How do you remember the corrections for these common mistakes?

Images created by and used with permission from the geniuses at the YUNiversity—grammar and vocabulary bosses for Gen TL;DR.