It’s easy for people who spend a lot of time writing—be it for pleasure or for work—to get attached to the fruits of their labor. After all, the words we use to fill a blank page are our brain-children and we love them dearly; or, at least, we care about the impression they will make on our readers. Our writing speaks about us in many ways. It’s a testimony to our skill and knowledge. It’s an insight into our thinking process. It might even be a reflection of our personality.

Perhaps this is why some people don’t even revise their work, let alone actively try to improve it. It’s not easy to look at the text you’ve labored over and then pick it apart looking for mistakes. But it’s something that has to be done if we want to grow as writers, and it’s also something that doesn’t have to be as brutal as it seems. Actually, it can be a lot of fun.

1Let’s Improve Our Writing by Using Games and Apps!

Games and apps are great tools for improving your writing because you never get the sense you’re actually working while using them, but you still get all the benefits. Plus, you can play different games or use different apps to focus on various aspects of your writing that need improvement. Take the very popular brain training app Elevate, for example. Elevate uses speaking, listening, reading, and writing to sharpen your wits. While the listening exercises help you learn to focus, the reading and writing exercises are the ones that will help you with comprehension, precision, and conciseness.

If you want to improve your typing skills, you can try a classic game called The Typing of the Dead. It might be old, but it will get your adrenalin levels up while you’re trying to fend off hordes of zombies by quickly typing the words written on them. There are also plenty of vocabulary-themed games available online, so you might want to check them out.

2Let’s Improve Our Writing by Participating in National Novel Writing Month!

Everyone has a novel inside of them, sitting there quietly and waiting to be written. So why not join thousands of people around the world who take the month of November to write 50,000-word-long novels in a project called National Novel Writing Month?

Participating in National Novel Writing Month is fun because although it’s challenging, you’ll have a network of support from fellow writers who are working on their own novels. There are lots of resources available during NaNoWriMo, including pep talks from established writers, which make it a great environment for learning and self-improvement. Plus, there are no rules against using Grammarly while writing your novel so that you can concentrate on story crafting instead of comma placement.

3Let’s Improve Our Writing by Getting Our Creative Juices Flowing!

Improving your writing will take practice, which can be great fun if you approach it the right way. Here’s something you could do: write down the five Ws—Who, What, When, Where, Why—on a piece of paper. Then pick five random words. Try using the first words on five randomly chosen pages of the novel closest to you right now. Answer the five Ws with those words and use the result as inspiration for a short story.

You might come up with a story about dogs traveling to India because they want to learn the local customs of Mumbai. Or about a plastic bag witnessing the change of seasons, year after year, because of an unlikely event in its youth. There is an endless number of combinations you can come up with this way, and no matter how nonsensical they might seem, you should stick with them. You’ll be surprised by what comes out of you, and you’ll give yourself a reason to practice and improve your writing regularly.