Since launching last November, our Google Review Link Generator gets a ton of traffic from marketers, agencies, SEOs and business owners looking to streamline the process of acquiring reviews on Google. The Link Generator attempts to keep up with Google’s frequent changes and deliver highly efficient and stable links to get customers where you need them–for example, right into the Google review dialog:

Google Review Open Dialogue

Ever the moving target, Google has once again changed its syntax for review URLs on mobile. With this change, the standard URLs generated by our link generator and other similar tools out there are functional on mobile, but due to the way Google parses the URL on mobile devices, they pre-populate the review dialog with a 2-star rating:

2-star rating pre-populated review dialog

Obviously, that’s bad. So we’ve now updated the link generator to include mobile-friendly URLs.

Google Review Link Generator with Mobile Links

For those who don’t mind getting into the weeds, note that the desktop and mobile URLs are very similar:

Desktop URL:,2

So What’s the Solution for Google Mobile Review URLs?

Unfortunately, there’s no longer a single-URL solution for linking desktop and mobile users to the Google review process.

However, for platform users, we’ve addressed this problem with a convenient solution:

We now auto-detect the reviewer’s device and automatically serve up the mobile link for anybody accessing from a mobile device.

So no matter what device the reviewer is using, they’ll be served the right Google link everytime, with no extra effort or setup required.