Designing a service page for Online Review Management and Marketing (ORMM) can be a challenging endeavor for most agencies and consultants. Since the terms ‘Reputation Management’ and ‘Online Review Management and Marketing’ frequently get used interchangeably, it can be confusing for potential clients to understand what services they’re looking for and what they actually need.

When I speak with new customers, we frequently discuss to how to promote their services. But before we begin to plan what’s going to be included on the services page, we need to understand exactly the services we’ll be offering to our clients.

Are we providing a DIY platform for them to manage their own online reviews?

Are we replying to online reviews on behalf of the client?

Are we providing them with the tools to market and amplify their positive reviews?

Are we actually offering Reputation Management and intend on providing legal services to have negative mentions of a business removed or replaced with positive content?

There’s only so much content we’ll want to include on our service page without overwhelming our prospects.

Here are 13 types of content to include on our service page that will help us stand out from competitors and entice prospects to hire our agency.

1. Grab Attention With a Catchy Headline

Sure, having a great tag line to associate with our agency may feel cosmetic, but any copy on our service page is contributing to the tone and feel of our brand. A creative eye-catching headline can elevate our service page and tie it together with our brand.

TripleE Fusion uses a clean and memorable hero image right at the top of their Reputation Marketing service page with rotating tag lines that are simple and memorable, using ‘You’ and ‘Your’ to get their clients thinking about how the services will work for them.

TripleE Fusion

2. Explain What ORMM Is

Naming our services is actually pretty tricky, since many consumers are more likely to search for the term “Reputation Management” than “Online Review Management and Marketing.” Many agencies that are offering ORMM, label their service as Reputation Management. That’s okay, since it’s more important to be found in the general realm of reputation and review management, but that also makes it essential to explain what the service actually refers to.

Roar Internet Marketing not only explains three important aspects of managing online reviews, they also ask the potential client to think about who in their company is currently responsible for those tasks. If the client realizes that they don’t have anyone managing reviews, they’re that much likely to realize they need our services.

Roar Internet Marketing

3. Break Down the Value Proposition of ORMM

Many business owners are still adapting to the digital world and might not understand the value of having an agency manage their online reviews and marketing them. This is an opportunity to showcase our expertise and highlight the additional benefits of creating and executing an ORMM strategy.

Small business owners may not realize how responding to a negative review can help a company’s perception to other researching consumers. They might not understand how a steady stream of positive reviews across online review sites can impact their SEO and online visibility.

Here are three slightly different approaches of showcasing the benefits, from Until They Smile, Prostar BD, and Massive Peak.

Until They Smile

ProStar Business Development

Massive Peak

4. Explain Who Your Services Are For

Many times, small companies are not sure whether our services are right for them. By describing the types of clients we service explicitly and explaining how they fit into our offering, there’s little room for confusion. We can imagine how much more effective the initial consultation by Beyond Indigo Pets is when they know exactly how they can help their prospect.

Beyond Indigo Pets

5. Include a Table or Set of Icons of the Features Included in Your Service

As mentioned before, Reputation Management and ORMM are two different animals. Using tables, icons, and graphics to express the services not only helps break up any boring copy on the service page, but allows more informed prospects whether we offer what they’re looking for.

WebPage FX has a comprehensive table on their service page the breaks down each service for their 4 types of plans. Sortis Marketing, Reputation Resolutions, and Greenleaf Creative each include creative, colorful, expressive icons to compliment features of their services.

Webpage FX

Sortis Marketing

Reputation Resolutions

Greenleaf Creative

6. Use an Explainer Video of Your Services

For the past few years, video content has become a tentpole in digital marketing. Many of our prospects come to with great foundation of knowledge about our platform because of our explainer video and full demo of the product. Creating videos can be expensive, but worth their weight in value by simplifying our services for prospects.

An explainer video that highlights our service’s value and backs up that value with statistics on how online reviews influence consumers adds credibility. White-label Review Management Software Explainer Video (long) from on Vimeo

7. Include Statistics Highlighting the Importance of Online Reviews

Speaking of statistics, there is a ton of research being done on how online reviews are influencing the research of digital consumers. Almost everyone reads online reviews about products and services before making a purchase.

As an agency that offers ORMM Services, showcasing these statistics like Pacific View Marketing, reveals how essential having these services is for the contemporary small business.

Pacific View Marketing

8. Highlight Which Online Review Sites You Monitor

Sometimes business owners simply want to know if our services are specifically for them. We can remove the guesswork, like Wheat Communications, by listing all of the Online Review Sites our agency are able to monitor. If a Doctor’s office is checking out our service page and specifically wants to know if we can help getting positive reviews on HealthGrades, having the HealthGrades logo right on our service page would assuage any concerns and put our agency higher on the prospect’s list.

Wheat Communications

9. Show off Your Reporting and Marketing Deliverables

Even for small businesses, analytics and reporting are becoming an essential part of any digital agency’s services. If we can’t prove the value of the performance of our campaigns, it’s hard to justify the spend. Remove the mystery, like Marketing Type Guys, and show off the types of reports our clients will receive.

In addition to reports, we can show off examples of other marketing deliverable our clients will receive:

  • Printed out instructions on how to leave a review for our prospect’s customers.
  • Specialized QR codes.
  • In-store signage.
  • Custom business cards requesting a review (like Target Local Marketing).

Marketing Type Guys

Target Local Marketing

10. Include a Contact/Sign Up Form

It may be common sense, but having an easy contact us form, right on our service page, will save our prospects time searching for a way to set up a consultation. It’s a little detail, but it helps. Massive Peak has a beautifully designed, simple contact form, right on their service page.

Massive Peak

11. Differentiate by Industry

There are many agencies that will help any client, regardless of industry, size, or location. But for those agencies specializing in a specific industry, we can differentiate ourselves to our target audience, by illustrating our expertize within our focus vertical like MXS Solutions does for Auto Dealers and Patient Trak does for the Medical Practitioners.

MXS Solutions

Patient Trak

12. Use FAQs to Remove Any Confusion About Your Services

It can be aggravating to answer the same questions for every prospect, and there’s a good chance that even if we do have an FAQ section on our service page, we’ll still be getting the same questions.

But hopefully, with an FAQ, the prospects that are avoiding talking to us face to face will be able to make a more informed decision since we have already answered some of their questions, like Consult Joseph.

Consult Joseph

13. Include a Tool For Prospects to Scan Their Current Online Review Performance

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include one of the most personalized tools for ORMM services. While there are other options on the web for a widget like this, provides an ‘Online Review Business Scan’ tool, where prospects can input their company info and generate a report of their ORMM performance. And even if they receive an excellent score, simply explain why that makes them an ideal client for ORMM services.


Online Review Management and Marketing has become an essential service for small businesses, but it’s still a challenge explaining the value of the service to potential clients that don’t ‘get it.’ As the expert on the topic, we need to have an ORMM Service page that removes any guesswork.

This includes explaining clearly what services our agency will be providing, highlighting the value of the service, and making it obvious if our service is appropriate for them.

Using videos, deliverables, and statistics to show off the value only elevates the service in the eyes of the prospective client.

While it’s necessary to explain the service (and we now know there are a variety types of content to do that), we still need to make sure not to clutter up our service page. Present the information and content in a clean easily consumable way, and clients will be signing up on the dotted the line in no time.