Nothing glazes over the eyes as much as Payroll… Contract Management… Recruitment… Insurance… Attendance… Compliance… Spreadsheets… It’s so dull that even deep-pocket investors are desperately seeking alternatives. In fact, since the start of the year, venture capitalists have bet more than $80 million on Zenefits all-in-one human resources software as THE alternative to boring HR professionals and start-up founders to tears.

Why would investors be pouring so much money into Zenefits, a company that’s barely a year old? In short, they believe in the hope that there’s gotta be a better way.

If you’re a big company, you have folks to take care of each essential employee detail. But if you are a small business or start-up, often the founders are themselves dedicating precious days each month to processing payroll, negotiating with insurance brokers, on-boarding and off-boarding staff, implementing tax deductions, and the list goes on… You did not start your own business to just spend your day in Excel.

You want to focus on building a successful business, but you know you can’t do that without assuring your employees’ happiness. And what is the bare minimum you have to do to make that happen? Pay them regularly, of course! Then you should make sure they have basic needs covered like health insurance, life insurance, access to vacation days, retirement packages, stock options, and decision-making power over it all.

After struggling with these necessary burdens as a start-up founder, Parker Conrad felt it was time to build his third company as a solution to these challenges he faced creating the first two. And thus Zenefits was born.

What’s the value of automating human resources?

Well, first and foremost, utilizing a human resources software means significantly less work for you. It also means that everything your company does is more transparent and organized.

Zenefits is these things and more. Hiring a new employee takes 20 seconds by filling in five blanks that then go into generating and sending the necessary forms to your new teammate who can then process and sign it all right there. Then, the employees can manage their own benefits, dependents, 401(k)s and the like without having to contact you, feeling in total control of their personal information. And when you’re ready to remove that same employee from your team, simply click “Terminate” to stop all payments and to help enroll American employees into COBRA.

Zenefits does all this both for your full-time employees and contractors and freelancers, creating for an eased and transparent workflow, keeping all those different paychecks and tax forms in one place. Plus, Zenefits cuts down on paper cuts, space-gurgling filing cabinets, and, most importantly, processing time, by doing it all with legally binding electronic signature.

Even for those of us who see true value in business software, we aren’t eager to dedicate even more time to set it up. We think the best part of Zenefits is probably how you can integrate and implement this HR solution into your existing processes, allowing you to log in and export information from Intuit Quickbooks, ADP, and another apply named app ZenPayroll, so you’re improving your company’s most tedious processes without reinventing the wheel.

And this “Zen” isn’t just coming to HR departments

Here at GetApp, we believe the cloud is where your business should be. There’s been a lot of talk about how cloud-based software is floating away as investment in the arena dies down. But with Zendesk’s big IPO last month and Zenefits’ baller investment this one, we’re quite confident that there is s serenity to be found in cloud-based solutions that will only continue to grow. And we’re pretty sure you agree, since Zenefits’ assumed value is half a billion and Zendesk is about double that. What’s that say? The cloud is not only profitable for them, it’s a no-brainer for your business, too.