Putting a blog into a typewriter

Does anyone actually give a crap about what you write on your company blog? Looking at your traffic figures it might seem like they don’t. But that doesn’t mean your writing is awful or your topics are boring. It could just come down to your email newsletter strategy. You do have an email newsletter strategy, right?

If you’ve got a blog (and you should: done well, it gives your business the chance to shine), you’ll also most likely have some kind of interrelated email strategy, most often a newsletter, highlighting the best bits of content, or a simple email alert, letting your customers or clients know that something fresh is on the blog. If you don’t, or if you’re not doing it properly, you could be missing out on a ton of potential traffic.

So how can you integrate email and blogging strategies?

Making sure this passage of information is smooth and simple is essential. One of the cardinal sins of blogging is creating a glorious abundance of content, but having a starkly contrasting lack of readers. Getting people to see, consume and share your blogging efforts is key. So what can you do to ensure that your lovingly crafted content gets the audience it deserves?


Responsively designed email newsletters and blogs give your customers the best experience on every device

You need to give a lot of thought to how your blog appears and, more specifically, how it appears via email. Simply redesigning those email alerts or newsletters can make a huge deal of difference – did you know that Campaign Monitor, a company that has experience in the area, saw a 127% rise in CTR after an email re-design? And as you can see, it didn’t do anything radical – it just took an objective look and made some common-sense changes.

Another significant aspect is how your blog looks once it has been accessed via a mailing. Many people read email on the go, on mobile devices, and if they click through, only to find a blog post that’s been stripped of images and rendered in Comic Sans, you might not be able to sustain their interest as you would if they were looking at it in a browser. If you’re not sure if your blog and emails are designed responsively, check with your development team. If you don’t have a development team, don’t worry. If you make your emails and blogs “by hand” using an email marketing tool like Campaign Monitor, they’ll likely do all the work for you.

N.B. Worst case scenario: grab a bunch of devices, and check out your email and the pieces of content it links to. It should be readily obvious if you need some outside help.

Headings and titles

Some bloggers argue that the success of a post is almost entirely decided by the heading. Headings are no easy business. Countless famous media outlets (such as Upworthy and its 25 headlines per post – a practice said to have come from The Onion, where every writer had to write 25 headlines for each post, in the hope that a small percentage would actually be any good!) have extolled the virtue of the perfect headline. It pulls people in, and gets them to click. Try to improve yours by getting some training in the area, employing professional bloggers, and doing some A/B testing to see what works best for your audience. Campaign Monitor also has some great ideas on this, as it maintains that email communications are the perfect place to do this A/B testing, giving you yet another reason as to why you should spend some time perfecting your email/blog integration.


Finally, make sure your blog posts are actually reaching their perfect audience via email. Sure, you can blast everyone on your mailing list with every piece of content you produce, but your readers will get sick of that fairly quickly. Segmentation is key here, so try to collect helpful material on your readers and clients all along their customer journey so that when it comes to disseminating your content, you’re getting the best of your blog posts to the people who really matter. All of the best mailing apps allow for significant segmentation, so don’t waste the opportunity.

That’s how your business will triumph. Little moves and little tweaks, all adding up to make your company the best of its kind. Email/blog integration is as good a place to start as any, and allows even small businesses to make small changes that add up to something greater. Give it a try!

This post is brought to you in conjunction with email marketing software, Campaign Monitor.