Open_Plan_Office_Space More technology means more access to clients, more potential for growth, but much more complexity in how we build business to business and direct-to-consumer leads. We can try to close our leads following our natural instinct for sales. Coming up with the perfect email when the inspiration hits us. Or drawing on our charisma to make that definitive sell over the phone. You may be a team full of talented, spontaneous sales reps, but is that going to be applied in a consistent and effective way over the long-term?

At some point we all have to be methodical. Research from small and big businesses alike show that only 20 percent of leads are sold in the heat of the moment. That means 80 percent of leads take longer, sometimes much longer to close and require careful consistent patterns of contact. As the quantity and combinations of leads multiply a team better strive for best practices.

SalesExec from ClickPoint Software gives you a great system to automate, manage, analyze and nurture your leads as you customize the entire process.

Lead management made both easy and systematic, this software streamlines the process so you never lose an opportunity.

Gabriel Buck, CEO of ClickPoint Software says this is what they are trying to do: “…to really keep that person engaged so that one month down the road when they are ready to purchase–or two months down the road–they’re thinking of your company and they haven’t gone to the competition”. Here’s how SalesExec helps you manage your leads.

SalesExec: Lead Management for Sales Teams

Here are the five reasons you need a lead management software for you and your sales teams”

Add or import all the leads you want

  • SalesExec knows you are coming from different places, verticals and software. With a smooth system for importation, they make possible an effective and hassle-free integration.

You don’t have to guess at what works

  • There’s an easy-to use system for scoring leads so you can evaluate the quality of each lead and eliminate bad leads in a methodical, not an arbitrary way.
  • You can also improve the process of how your team closes leads. Customize your workflow within the SalesExec system to achieve a smooth and consistent method of lead management. And then make adjustments based on the results.

Save your time and save your leads

  • More leads means more response time. There’s no possible way of nurturing all your leads over the course of months without software that helps you reach out to your customers at the exact right time.
  • Automate emails and follow-up emails to nurture those leads in a timely, persistent fashion.
  • Check out who has been opening and clicking on those automated emails and create notifications for specific team members to follow-up right at the moment.
  • And automate all kinds of triggers to let your team know when things must be done.

Quicker contact, more leads won

  • The SalesExec software comes with a Power Dialer that integrates with VoIP phone systems such as Cisco, Avaya, and Fonality. Just connect your phone and you can begin to make click-to-dial calls that increase calling efficiency by 50%.

Fostering healthy competition

  • Most leads close on the 7th phone call. Most sales people give up by the 3rd call. With comprehensive reporting on performance you know exactly how often team members contact and close in a specific time-frame. Reward those sales reps with the highest close percentage.
  • Also, with your user-permission you can instigate a little team competition with stats on performance by team member appearing on each person’s dashboard. Everyone will know exactly how the team is performing and the contribution of each member.

salesexec screenshotA

Think you’re a natural? Try being a little more nurturing with your leads. Use SalesExec.

ClickPoint Software completes the circle from lead generation to completed sale. While SalesExec is geared toward sales teams, another lead management system is designed for marketers, LeadExec. This solution is all about the generation and distribution of leads so those quality leads can be sold to link buyers while easily integrated into CRMs and other link management solutions. Here’s what their system can do:

LeadExec: Lead Management for Marketers

Here are four reasons why you need lead management for your marketing:

Practice the art of capturing leads

  • High quantities of leads, multiple verticals and lots of different lead sources make for a unfathomably complex amount of data input to keep track of. LeadExec’s software captures all this information and makes it manageable so you can nurture each and every one of those leads coming from all those different places.
  • Whether it is from phone calls, forms, landing pages, Internet leads or other lead sources, LeadExec has a great customizable system for organizing your team.

Create and customize your own lead sources

  • If you are seeking leads from different kinds of clients, you probably need forms and other lead sources that are sensitive to the situation of each customer.
  • For example, say your marketing team is working the medical vertical and is interested in whether a client has insurance or not. You might need two different forms tailored to how respondents answer even that first question.
  • Create and adapt new forms to any situation with a tool that is easy to use and that can be implemented instantly when contacting your various clients.

Pass off the leads to the sales team

  • You’ve got the lead sources adapted, you’ve got the leads captured and now it’s time to distribute. LeadExec integrates all those leads into hundreds of lead buyers and sellers.
  • Your leads can be integrated into any CRM or lead management software giving your marketing team lots of options for distributing leads to customer service teams and sales teams.

Break it down

  • You’d be surprised at how many large companies rely on nothing more than natural instinct that a certain lead management strategy is working. Producing repeatable best practices for your team require analysis and reporting.
  • Be open to change. Organize your team around custom, real-time, exportable reports that recommend concrete improvements to your methods for managing leads.

leadexec screenshotA Looking to boost your marketing team’s capacity to manage leads?

Check out LeadExec, as well as summaries and reviews of other lead management solutions on GetApp.