Do you constantly have inventory on the brain? Don’t feel bad. It’s perfectly normal. Inventory management comes with a ton of responsibility – and for many, it’s a perpetual source of stress! Some kinds of merchandise, such as hardware and cans of Spam, tend to last forever, calling for low inventory turnover. But time sensitive or perishable merchandise can cause major problems if turnover runs too low. But inventory management can be one of the biggest headaches you ever encounter in business. Until now.

You know that effective inventory management means knowing where your merchandise is located at all times. Thankfully, recent advents in technology make inventory management much easier than it has been in past eras. Now, a new generation of online and mobile apps is making it possible to manage inventory, down to the smallest item in detail, with great ease.

With these apps, you can keep inventory reports updated, organized, and accurate. All while doing it on the move from your mobile device. What’s more, these apps negate the need to visit multiple locations to keep track on inventory. With real-time monitoring and reporting, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your business at all times, with the help of the apps on this list.

Here are the five best inventory management apps to help you take the sting out of managing your merchandise.

sellsy-stocks-inventory-managment-appSellsy Stocks

Sellsy Stocks is an inventory management app that knows the burden you bear as a manager. As a manager, your stock is your responsibility. Whether a storeroom or a bona fide warehouse in one location or many, Sellsy lets you track the flow of your merchandise.

Sellsy Stocks is a cross-platform solution that’s offers entry valorization in a unified platform. In short, Sellsy Stocks ranks highly on our list because it makes complex inventory management easy.


  • Stock alerts
  • Automated ordering
  • Automatic cost calculation
  • Control over your profitability
  • Stock entries valorization
  • Mobile support: iOS, Android, browser-based
  • Ideal for small and medium-size businesses,

Additionally, Sellsy Stocks words on iOS and Android, as wells your desktop or Blackberry. Above all, it’s an inventory management app that helps you keep your sanity!

finale-inventory-management-appFinale Inventory

For small and medium-sized businesses, Finale can be a game changer.

For starters, Finale integrates with QuicBooks and ShipStation to help you keep track of inventory incoming and outgoing with familiar ease.

If you’ve been using Excel to manage inventory, Finale Inventory is your entry point to the modern age of inventory management.

Finale is web-based only, so keep in mind that there is no dedicated mobile app.

That aside, with optional barcode scanning integration and easy migration from Excel and QuickBooks, Finale Inventroy is the ideal solution for desktop users.


  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Packing
  • Billing/invoicing
  • Product Kitting lets you combine multiple SKUs into a bundle
  • Turnkey mobile barcode scanner solution
  • Reordering
  • Barcode label printing
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-location

If you’re ready to ditch the old spreadsheet and professionalize your inventory management routine, take a look at Finale Inventory.

netsuiteNetSuite Inventory Management

NetSuite Inventory Management is one of the biggest names in inventory apps. And it’s with good reason! NetSuite Inventory Management gives you real-time insights into merchandise traveling in and out of your warehouses.

As we’ve established, turnover is essential to your business. NetSuite helps you eliminate as many “manual” aspects of inventory management as possible. That means less auditing by sight.

But Netsuite is much more than “reactive” – it’s a proactive inventory management application that helps you keep your supply chain moving in the direction, on time. NetSuite even factors in lead time and other variables that could otherwise disrupt inventory planning.


  • Real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control
  • Automatically generate purchase or work orders
  • Effective price management
  • Automated inventory replenishment
  • Extensive inventory management
  • Online purchase order creation

NetSuite Inventory Management is a powerhouse. If you need to take your hands off your merchandise while keeping a close eye on it, check out NetSuite.


GoCodes Fixed Asset Management & Inventory Tracking is an app with a big name. But, as you might expect, GoCodes does a big job. And more importantly, it makes it easy for you to get that job done correctly.

GoCodes specializes in generating and scanning QR codes to tag your assets. GoCodes is a mobile-friendly Web app that pairs with a QR label that helps you keep track of fixed assets. You might consider using QR labels to keep track of all sorts of stuff: office machines, laptops, display items, and company equipment – not just merchandise.


  • 5-second check-out of multiple assets by scanning the QR tag
  • Asset labels can be customized with your info
  • Easily view and update asset info from any mobile device
  • Quickly add custom data fields
  • QR code asset tags work with smartphones
  • Complete change audit logging and reporting
  • Track you assets with our GPS map feature
  • Custom data upload
  • Multiple users and role levels
  • Excel download and reporting

Keep up with the movement of your assets with GoCodes Fixed Asset Management & Inventory Tracking!


Rounding out our list is Brightpearl.

Brightpearl is a complete solution that covers not only inventory management, but also ordering and customer data management. If you need an all-in-one retail solution, Brightpearl is a true workhorse!

This app gets bonus points for its effect on your customers’ experience. Brightpearl helps you approach your core business – delivering to customers – without wondering and worrying about your inventory.


  • Order Management
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping management
  • Paypal, Sage Pay and online payments integration
  • Automated real-time accounting
  • Multiple price lists
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • 360 degree visibility of your supply chain
  • Batch processing and imports

If you’re looking to a truly “end-to-end” inventory management solution, Brightpearl is worth a closer look!

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