There are a LOT of project management apps out there. We know it. And while we love that give them all a test drive and write fantastically insightful user reviews for us, BUT we know you’re busy. That’s why we work to help you find the right project management software for your business’ needs.

Pretty much every project management app has your basic task management that you can assign to team members. But, to quote Andrew Filev, the founder of one of our favorite project management tools, “The devil is in the details.” So today we talk about his PM baby Wrike and how he’s help built a new feature that just might be the devilishly delicious detail you and your team have been dreaming of.

The biggest problem project management apps and all software as a service (SaaS) tools in general face are what I like to call the Adopt and Drop. It’s kind of like how we are all irresponsible little kids at heart. We really think we want that puppy or that new video game for Christmas, but then when we can’t make it behave the way we want to — or as Cesar Millan would agree, we don’t get the proper human training — or we never learn how to play the game right to win it, we get frustrated and bored and give up. In order to combat this common problem, Filev and company decided to do some research around how Wrike project management subscribers actually use the app and then to develop updates specifically for how they use the app.

And with that, this summer, Wrike has released a series of WorkFlow features all around ensuring that there is less of a stop-start app experience and more of a naturally collaborative experience both for Wrike users and their customers. One thing that the Wrikers discovered is that users were spending a lot of their day to day responding to emails (aren’t we all?) or searching online for solutions and better ways to market. We’ve all done that “Copy Paste Shuffle Kerfuffle” to share back and forth ideas. Now with the new Wrike WorkFlow Chrome extension, you can add a task right within the page you are using, share it now, or wait until your coworker goes to that page for the task to pop up for them.

wrike workflow chrome extension

It’s all about not interrupting or changing your normal workflow, but rather building the app’s extensions around it.

“Our goal is to remove every roadblock that customers typically encounter when using current project management and collaboration tools,” said Filev. “There is a gap in the market between current project management offerings and the way people really need to work to be effective. We are singularly focused on closing that gap.”

So, ya want to know, really, what can Wrike do for you? Wrike in general guarantees an average of a 55 percent decrease in emailing back and forth with your clients. Now, the new WorkFlow Chrome extension lets you diminish pesky emailing even more by letting you track versions and collaborate right on whatever project, website, etc, you’re working on. Plus, you can keep your project management in-house, but then still have collaboration for non-team members and Wrike users.

But don’t trust our word for it! Give Wrike’s new WorkFlow a go today and then come back to write a review about your experience! Not sure if you’ll like Wrike? Compare Wrike with other popular project management apps today!