Mockingjay: Part One is released on November 21st as I am sure each and every one of you already know. If you don’t know the exact date, you know that it’s soon! Why are we all so very aware of this movie and its impending release? It is down to marketing, not just your average, run of the mill marketing but Mockingjay marketing!

What have the makers of The Hunger Games done right to create such a buzz? They have created a social media marketing campaign alongside their clever use of traditional media which has made Mockingjay become much, much more than a movie. Graffiti such as the Mockingjay symbol and District 13 propaganda began to appear in New York City months ago, a teasing taster making it seem real to Hunger Games fans. Then came the social media marketing campaign, which became viral marketing in no time at all.

The Hunger Games makers made the storyline come to life with its subtle, teasers, building up to rebel posters and Panem heroes posters springing up all over the US. They made the war seem real and built up the excitement over a period of time, to make their campaign go viral. The success is due to knowing their audience, they targeted their ads and at a specific group of people, research and coercing their fans into spreading their campaign via word of mouth marketing. What an amazing job they have done!

jennifer lawrenceIt would be difficult to emulate the huge success of Mockingjay marketing, unless you have Jennifer Lawrence on your books? But we mere mortals can create a sleek and sophisticated social media marketing campaign if we take some lessons from The Hunger Games team. Inject your product or service into people’s everyday lives, make them want or need what you are selling, subliminally send your message out into the social networks, you too can build that marketing campaign that has people talking, you never know it might even go viral!

Let’s take a look at the social media marketing software that can assist you in every aspect of your magnificent marketing campaign. content for Content Curation helps you to curate content from your niche, for your content marketing campaign and send it out all over your networks. What is the point of sharing other people stuff? I hear you cry. What it does is subtly push the people whose content you are sharing, to share your newsletter with their followers, increasing your audience by getting others to do the work for you. If you are clever you will choose to share content from those who are influential in your niche market. If they share what you are doing it establishes you as a thought leader in your market.

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qwaya facebook advertising softwareQwaya for Facebook campaigns

Qwaya is a Facebook advertising manager, allowing you to create and manage professional Facebook ad campaigns. Regular Facebook ads are important because not every person will see a one off ad due to Facebook algorithms, keep them coming thick and fast to a well targeted audience to maximize your exposure and your customer conversion rates. It doesn’t need to be expensive either, of course not many of us have Mockingjay level budgets, but a well managed, low-budget Facebook ad campaign can be extremely effective.

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prweb press release softwarePRWeb for press releases

PRWeb is an online press release distribution service. Social Media is all well and good but believe it or not, not everyone in the world uses it (no really!!). Press releases will cover all bases for you, sending out your biz info to news sites and search engines. Creating a press release that will grab attention is up to you, sending it out into the world, to be seen by the right people is what PRWeb do well. When you launch a new product or service, don’t be shy, let the whole world in on the secret. Press releases are impressive when shared on social media too.

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adclarity campaign monitoring softwareAdClarity to monitor campaigns

AdClarity is a leading SaaS solution for competitive intelligence in digital media. Running multiple campaigns is entirely possible with the amazing software we have but are all of those campaigns doing the job they are supposed to do? With AdClarity you can check out what your competitors are doing and how well their campaigns are working, to get a better idea of what will work for you. I know numbers aren’t very interesting for most of us, but analyzing your data will help you to generate more leads and improve your ROI instead of wasting your hard earned money.

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hootsuite social media marketing software Hootsuite for social listening and marketing automation

Hootsuite is a social media marketing automation platform with great features for marketing businesses of any size. There are way too many to mention but some of the important tools that Hootsuite has are post scheduling, allowing you to auto-schedule or send out timed posts. This means you could generate most of your content and load it up ready to share in just a few hours a week freeing you up for other work. You can also create streams for keywords or competitors, or to listen to anyone mentioning you so you can grab those leads in real-time.

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So that’s how it’s done….sounds simple doesn’t it? We all know that success rarely come to people easily, there is usually a lot of hard work involved along the way. With the social media marketing software we have available to us, it is possible to make a sophisticated, brand focused social media marketing campaign that would make Katniss Everdeen proud!

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