There are only so many hours in the day and let’s face it we all need a little help from time to time. Whether you are a small business, an international company or a social media professional, you either need several pairs of hands, or you need some great software for your social media management.

Creating an awesome social media marketing campaign is about more than just getting people to follow you. In this fast-moving, hi-tech world we live in, we all need to be on top of our game to beat our competition. We are always looking for the best social media management apps to make our lives easier. SEO, content marketing, effective use of social networks are all vital to establish your brand in this ever changing landscape. Why not make your life a little easier and make use of the fabulous apps and software we have available to us. We at GetApp just love a time saving, life organizing tool, so let us share some of the best social media management apps for business:

Oktopost: Social Media Marketing

Oktopost is a relatively new kid on the block. It was founded in 2012 and is unique in the fact it is a B2B management app. With Oktopost you can post content on a much larger scale, onto multiple platforms, many social networks and LinkedIn groups. Another special feature is that you can measure your ROI and exactly where it was generated from. As we all know there aren’t enough hours in the day to share our exciting business lives on every social network. Oktopost can be used on most social networks but has been specifically designed to help you manage the multiple functions of LinkedIn. Try it out with the free option and move on up from there if you find you can’t live without it!

SproutSocial: Social Media Management Software for Business

SproutSocial is a firm favorite with Social Media professionals. Its organic dashboard makes it natural and easy to navigate. There are great tools for audience engagement and they support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more. They have an awesome team calendar for great collaboration and organization. SproutSocial also have great analytics to measure your performance on each of your networks. An added bonus is their post scheduling optimization. They have a free trial and several paid pricing plans.

Falcon Social: Complete Social Media Management for Teams and Enterprises

Falcon Social has been around since 2010 and has held its own in this competitive market since then. You can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube networks all from this handy platform. Their content calendar lets you schedule blogs, tweets and posts etc. They even have a Facebook app builder…cool hey? With great team collaboration tools you will wonder how you ever managed your team without it! They have a free trial and then a one off payment for all.

Locowise: Social Media Analytics Tools for Increased Engagement & Fans

Locowise is designed around analytics and has features such as a content calendar, custom reporting and post scheduling. It measures your fans/followers and demographics to help you to target your Social Media campaign more effectively. You can automate your posting schedule at the optimum times to create engagement and then analyze the performance of those posts. You can also create customized reports in PDF form to share a more professional analysis with your customers. As an added bonus you can measure your competitor’s performance and get ahead of the game. There is a free trial then a set price per month.

North Social: Facebook for Business

North Social is a little different than the rest. It is a Facebook creation and management app. Perfect for those who concentrate on Facebook for their Social Media Marketing. North Social is a suite that includes 18 applications for Facebook pages to get the very best out of your page. You can create and manage your Facebook campaigns easily and painlessly with this alternative software. It is great for building and engaging with your audience and for targeting your customers. With a great pricing structure, you have unlimited apps access, just perfect if Facebook is your business!

Raven: Internet Marketing Tools

With Raven you can successfully manage and monitor your social networks. You can research and analyze as well as tracking trends, managing ad campaigns and link building. Raven is the SEO aware networker’s network. They have great SEO tools and social media tools to help you to make great social media campaign decisions. You can also monitor where and when your brand is being talked about…as it happens. There is a free trial available then a competitive monthly price when that has finished.

HootSuite: Social Media Marketing

Finally the one we all know and love…HootSuite. Created in 2008, HootSuite soon established itself as an industry leader and has gone from strength to strength. It has everything you need to manage your Social Media Marketing including a great multi-function dashboard, post scheduling and our favorite, a little hootlet Chrome add-on so you can share any web-page or article with just the click of a button. With HootSuite you can manage your Twitter, Facebook profile and pages, LinkedIn and many more. They have great analytics and their latest function is suggested content for you to share, what’s not to love? The pricing structure includes a free option and the basic biz option is a great price.

Hopefully this great list will motivate you to try something new and maybe organize your business or even your life a little. As social media management apps go, these are some of the best! If you are still confused as to which one would work best for your biz then just try them all. The majority have a free option or at least a free trial, so you have nothing at all to lose, go for it!

Still confused? Compare the hottest social media marketing apps side by side.