applicant-tracking-system-appGone are the days of hopeful resumés arriving by post and piling up on the human resource department’s desk to be painstakingly weeded through, one by one. It’s more likely, of course, that your inbox is now full of emails with candidates’ resumes attached, each one to be read and processed. And then sourcing would-be applicants on search engines and even social media sites. All of which takes considerable time and resources. After all, it’s not always easy to find the right applicant in an overcrowded job market.

But using applicant tracking software helps make the recruitment process quicker and easier. And not only that, it allows you to spend more time doing the actual sourcing and hiring and less time wasted on managing the administrative process (the necessary bane of every HR professional’s life.)

So if you work in HR recruitment, why not let applicant tracking software take away the headache for you? Centralized, streamlined and easy-to-use ATS apps will make your life much easier, leaving you to make the decisions that really matter: finding the right person for the job, as efficiently as possible.

Below is a lowdown on the leading ATS programs out there.

Enhance your productivity and hire the right people

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers an Applicant Tracking System which is with you every step of the way: from sourcing candidates, to tracking them, and to hiring the right ones. It enables you to track job opportunities and openings, as well as candidates and useful contacts. It also allows you to create “Hot Lists”, making it really simple to reference and mark with a gold star the ‘hot’ candidates who are active and fit for the current job requirements.

Here’s a rundown of five top reasons why Zoho Recruit could be for you:

  • You can quickly source candidates and screen them with its Comprehensive Applicant tracking.
  • It has features which get you the right candidates without letting any talent slip through the net.
  • You can customize the application to match the needs of your organization, meaning you get a powerful tool tailored to your own needs.
  • A centralized database means goodbye to juggling multiple files and storing data in different programs. Zoho Recruit allows you to manage everything in a single and secure place.
  • It saves you time and enhances your productivity by automating and streamlining the hiring process, freeing you up to make the recruitment decisions that matter.

Why not get your team involved in the hiring process?


In one simple and easy-to-use piece of software, Workable applicant tracking solution meets all your needs to be successful at recruiting. It lets you reach out to the best talent out there by accessing job websites, external recruiters and social media, and once you have your applicants in the pipeline, you can manage the process with the greatest of ease. Its tracking allows you to schedule interviews and add feedback notes, and you can even invite your co-workers to participate in the process. Invite your entire team to help you find the perfect hire!

Clear and beautifully designed profiles give you a full view on each candidate, including his or her resumé and cover letter, all your notes and interview feedback, and automatic links to social media profiles. You can schedule interviews and calls and send personalized emails from the app. The life of an HR recruiter just got a whole lot easier.

And why not ask your colleagues or your external recruiters to take part in your hiring decisions? Simply ask them to open and review your candidates. You can send mass emails from it, too. All of which is easy to track, meaning Workable takes care of the boring tasks, so you can focus on hiring the person who’s right for your organization.

Making time for the people, not the paperwork


BambooHR software makes the hiring process simple from the outset because, in the company’s own words: “HR is for the people, not the paperwork.” Its software, the online Human Resources Information System (HRIS), is integrated with several recruiting and applicant tracking systems (ATS), so you can choose the right one for you. Your recruiting and hiring process is automated and streamlined. Simplicity and stress-free – who could ask for more?

Once a candidate is hired, useful information is saved in the BambooHR tracking software and an employee record is created automatically. No more complicated spreadsheets and wasting valuable time searching all over the place for employee information. It’s all there for you at the click of a button.

Online ‘Job Board’ is making the hiring process social!


Applying for a job is as much about making the right social contacts as it is about the Employment History and list of qualifications on your resume. The Applicant Tracking System that TribeHR provides offers a job board which is customizable. You can post job positions on it, and candidates can directly send you their applications online. They have the option of applying via social media networks, too, like Linkedin and Facebook. Has there ever been a more social way of finding candidates?

What’s more, throughout the process, the progress of an applicant can be monitored in a central location, where interviewer notes and rating s can be kept, which your team will all have access to.

Here are a few more reasons why TribeHR applicant tracking is so convenient:

  • It notifies the hiring team when new applications are received
  • All notes and important comments can be collated together with the candidate application while the hiring process progresses.
  • Important data about the applicant, is automatically transferred to the TribeHR employee profile as soon as an employee is hired.

So, as you can see, the software is out there to make your life in HR easier. Just let Applicant Tracking Systems take the headache out of laborious, administrative and time-consuming side of hiring, and allow yourself to spend more time doing what you do best: finding the perfect people to join your company.