If you’ve watched any reality TV show in the last few years, you’ll know that the journey is a key part of any experience. For small businesses, it’s the customer purchasing journey that counts, and this (sometimes rocky) voyage extends past the transaction, right into post-sales support.

Post-sales support involves proactively reaching out to your customer to make sure their experience (ie journey) lived up to their expectations; providing personalized and tailored support; engaging across all channels at the time that suits them; and following up with relevant and tailored offers to turn a one-time purchase into a beautiful relationship.

We’ve identified the apps that can help you improve that post-sales experience so you can make customers more likely to come back, time and time again.


Freshdesk’s integration with Box

Freshdesk has added integration with cloud storage offering Box to allow customer support teams to work even closer with customers in the after-sales market. The way it works is that customer service agents can attach files directly from their company’s Box account to the support ticket, meaning they’ll be sharing via the cloud rather than send unwieldy attachments direct to their customers. This is particularly useful for large items, such as video tutorials and support guides.

Journey Sales Smart Room

What makes Journey Sales Smart Room an interesting prospect is what it calls its “digital body language analysis”. This consists of an algorithm, which predicts customer behavior throughout the entire buying journey (even after the purchase has been completed) and identifies what kind of needs they might have or roadblocks you might come up against with this customer.

It also includes a feature called Smart Rooms, which is a kind of chat room where you can share content with your customer relevant to where they are in their journey and based on real-time analytics that shows what they are looking for.


Analytics is key to learning more about and better understanding your customers. Not only can UserVoice’s reporting functionality help improve customer satisfaction and engagement, they also allow you to learn about areas of customer service you can improve on by showing how agents are handling customer queries, with metrics including response time and ticket volume.


TeamSupport provides a 360-degree view of the customer

TeamSupport is a veritable goldmine of useful features when it comes to supporting your customer after they have made the sale. By providing a complete 360-degree view of your customer and all the interactions they have had with your company from the very first moment of contact as well as the products they have bought from you, the relationship post sale is more personal and tailored. No longer is a customer just a ticket number, they are now a real person.

Other neat features include integrated video, so the customer can provide a screencast of their problem, as well as intelligent article suggestions where articles are automatically suggested based on the problem the customer is describing.


By building the most complete profile of a consumer that it can, such as preferences, context, profile information, buying history, and location, Thunderhead enables your customer service agents to provide better post-sale help and answers based on a real situation. This information is drawn from different departments, such as sales, and call center, meaning that all interactions with a customer are captured and stored in one place. The response and content you provide can also be country-specific and tailored according to language.

Zoho Support

Zoho Support offers multi-channel ticket management

Communicating with your customers no matter what channel they want to talk to you is a key part of after-sales support – whether they are tweeting their annoyance with a late delivery, emailing you about a problem, or merely asking you to explain some features.

With Zoho, customer chat from email, social media, live chat, and phone support can all be automatically turned into service tickets and assigned a due date. As it integrates with Zoho CRM, you have access to customer information at your fingertips. Zoho can also help you improve the quality of your self-service portal through its integration with Google Analytics by allowing you to identify pages that are performing well, as well as keywords that your customers are using to search.


CustomerSure is all about customer retention and making sure they keep coming back to you by allowing them to provide feedback at any point in the purchasing journey (including after you have bought the product). Delivered through integration with your website, with CustomerSure customers can not only raise complaints and queries but also see how you have responded to other issues, keeping you on your toes in terms of going the extra mile in customer service.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for then check out our list of customer management applications, or see how they compare in our GetRank ratings.