Headache inducing shopping carts

For eCommerce businesses, finance starts with your choice of shopping cart software, and if you want your visitors to turn into customers, it’s important to choose the right cart solution.

To help avoid some of the headaches caused by choosing a bad shopping cart app, here are four common pitfalls you should try to avoid.

1. Single-channel operation, multi-channel business

Whether sales come from online or offline channels, you need to get them quickly and conveniently into your finance system. The need for multiple systems, however, causes headaches for many finance departments.

Why deal with multiple apps for each channel of your business when you can switch to a true multi-channel eCommerce app that works as well in brick-and-mortar stores as it does in online stores?

NetSuite Inventory Management 1

2. Reporting

If you’re using a legacy point of sale application, you’ll generate a lot of receipts. Logging and entering those receipts into your finance application can be a labor-intensive task.

Shopify is an eCommerce shopping cart that can handle both the Web and point of sales. Most importantly, for finance departments using QuickBooks Online, Shopify reports directly via an add-on integration from Shopify called Quickify.


3. Security issues

You can’t have a low-security shopping cart cancelling out your high-security finance system. The same customer and accounting data that your finance software keeps secure passes through your shopping cart software.

Legacy applications are the most vulnerable because they tend to store data locally, where it’s easiest to steal. Cloud-based shopping carts like LightCMS feature secure, encrypted checkout, keeping financial data “for your eyes only”, right from the start.

4. Poor Analytics

Businesses selling across the globe need to track where their sales come from for tax purposes. You can drill down data to reveal important metrics about each transaction, which will help you make sense of not only finance data, but other data that carries over into other aspects of your business. This type of functionality brings your end-to-end finance demand full circle.

Want to know more?

If you still have a headache and suspect that your shopping cart is to blame, be sure to check out the list of eCommerce shopping cart apps at GetApp.

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