Social media managers have a lot on their plate every day. They have to work hard to create exciting posts that people like to read. The job is hardly impromptu and involves a lot of planning. It includes writing new posts, creating graphics, monitoring analytics, scheduling posts at the right time, curating content and more. Here are 5 tips that will save you time on social media management:

1. Curate Content

Keeping your followers engaged requires you to ply them with content multiple time a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. However, generating that much original content takes a toll on your time and resources. To make the process more effective, you can use content curations tools for social media to search for relevant content from across the web, that you can then share with your followers. Curation also helps build your image as a thought leader and a good source of information. Sharing other people’s content is also a great way to initiate relationships via social media.

2. Schedule Posts

Logging in and posting content multiple times a day, everyday, on each of your social media accounts can be a tedious task. Instead, you can use automation tools to help maintain a posting schedule without too much effort on your part. This also ensures that your audience will receive a steady stream of information. If your target audience is global, or situated in a different part of the world, that might require you to post social media content at odd times. You don’t have to lose sleep over it, you could schedule your posts in advance.

3. Link Your Blog Feed to Your Social Media Accounts

When you link your blog feed to your social media accounts, you ensure that every one of your blog posts becomes automatically visible to your audience. In addition to saving you time, this can also help to increase traffic to your website. Additionally, the audience loves fresh content. If you post a blog at 8 pm and send it out just as it is published, the notion is almost exciting. If you’re busy and you don’t find time to do that, and wait a day to it, the impact may not essentially be the same.

4. Reshare Content with a Twist

Make a list of your best performing content. Then share them again on your time line. When you share a post more than once, you are actually helping people who may not have seen the post the first time around (with first time impressions hovering around 10%, this might be a good thing). It is however advisable to reformat the content a bit before sharing, and giving it a new twist would ensure better response.

5. Don’t Analyze Your Social Media Metrics Manually

When you have multiple social media accounts and you are spending a lot of time and effort to keep them up and running, it is natural to be curious about how they are working and if you need to make any changes. A good way to measure social media engagement is by using social media reporting tools. Using a tool to understand social media engagement is itself a time saving technique because once you find out what’s bringing in the most responses and what is bringing in the least, you can revisit your strategy to align it with your goals.

Image Credit: openDemocracy via flickr