According to IDC, CMOs will drive marketing technology spending to $32.3B by 2018. While today’s B2B marketers have an arsenal of technology at their disposal, with this new surge of technology comes a perplexing challenge. How do you separate the effective strategies and technologies from the buzzy point solutions?


You could spend the next six months of your life vetting vendors, getting buy-in and implementing technology…only to realize that it didn’t have the impact that you were promised. But what you’ll realize is that technology isn’t the problem, you could have all the technology in the world, but if you don’t have a strategy (and actionable metrics) that helps you use it, it will never be effective.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help assess your marketing strategy:

1. Are you running broad, untargeted marketing programs?
2. Are you focused on quantity of leads rather than quality?
3. Do you often find yourself at odds with your sales team?
4. Do you struggle to measure results and prove ROI?

If you’re like most B2B marketers today, you probably answered “yes” to one or two of those questions. If that’s the case, no point solution will ever be enough. So as attractive as that new lead generation tool looks, it’s not going to drive substantial, tangible value for your business unless you change the way you plan and measure your programs. And the way to do that is through Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

You’ve probably heard of ABM, and you may have heard that more and more B2B marketers are adopting it recently to identify and target the accounts they value the most.


With an ABM approach, you’ll start to focus on target accounts, which will turn into quality leads. This will make Sales much happier (and in turn, you’ll be happier). You’ll also run more targeted campaigns, making sure your programs are targeted to your key accounts. And finally, you’ll be able to measure your progress with an account-level focus.

If you’re ready for a new strategy that can drive results for your organization, read our new eBook, Account-Based Marketing: Fundamentals Every B2B Must Know.