As marketers, we spend a lot of our time and resources on lead generation. But unfortunately, the leads we generate don’t always translate into revenue. In fact, 50% of marketing generated leads are never followed up on by Sales (Miller Pierce).

In the last decade, Sales and Marketing have taken great strides to integrate their processes, but there’s still a disconnect between the two teams. Traditionally, Sales has been measured by revenue and Marketing on lead volume. But what if Sales and Marketing were both responsible for revenue?

To get Sales and Marketing on the same page, we’ve teamed up with Integrate to provide B2B marketers with a next-level Account-Based Advertising offering. It’s an automated process to generate high-value leads from decision-makers at specific target accounts showing elevated interest. We have found that by increasing the quality of the leads you deliver to Sales, velocity increases, deal size improves and conversion rates swell.

So how does it work?

1. Build a list of target accounts

Your target account list consists of companies with the most potential to your business. It can include customers, prospects, partners or a mix of all three.

There are several ways to approach this process:

• Use the list of accounts your sales team has put together

• Gather key stakeholders from both Marketing and Sales to align over a set of key accounts

• Use data to generate a list of target accounts that fit a predetermined set of parameters like industry, growth stage, revenue tier and technology adoption

• Leverage predictive analytics to discern the attributes of your best customers and build a list of pre-qualified, ranked accounts

2. Proactively target companies and decision makers

Once you’ve identified which accounts you’ll want to target, Demandbase can help to run personalized display ads to specific companies. With these targeted ads and analytics to identify which are showing buying signals, you’ll be able to understand which companies are interested in learning more about your offerings.

3. Generate new target account-based leads

From there, Integrate will focus on the accounts showing active buying signals and engage key stakeholders from those accounts. You’ll end up with a list of high-quality leads that have already engaged with your company and content, which makes them more likely to convert into customers.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be such a struggle. By automating the process and focusing on priority accounts, you can align with your sales team and work together to grow the business and drive revenue.

If you’re curious to see how this works in action, watch this on-demand webinar to see how Demandbase and Integrate work together.

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