At Demandbase, we’ve spent the last eight years helping B2B marketers at the world’s most successful companies understand, implement and execute Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.

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Account-Based Marketing

As part of our mission to deliver B2B excellence, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with industry-leading technology and data companies. Across the 50 or so companies that are integrated into our platform, Oracle has been one of the most innovative partners with dedicated focus on solving the unique challenges of B2B marketers.

Many marketers think of their Marketing Automation System as the central nervous system. But the technology poses three significant challenges for the B2B marketers who are embracing ABM: i) it is designed to only nurture known contacts, ii) it is not interconnected with CMS, A/B testing and web analytics systems and iii) it is architected around individuals, rather than accounts, using a cookie-based model. All of this is about to change!

Today, I’m very excited to announce Account-Based Marketing Automation, which helps B2B marketers leverage their investment in marketing automation to execute against an ABM strategy directly from Oracle Eloqua. B2B marketers will now be able to organize their contacts around accounts, increase conversion rates through shorter website forms, append and validate records from company firmographic data and trigger new actions for accounts showing high levels of engagement through a new behavioral based Account Score. Marketers not only get the ability to execute campaigns by accounts but can also work with Sales to prioritize and align around the accounts that are showing buying signals on their site.

The expanded Account-Based Marketing Automation solution will provide B2B marketers with the first true account-based system of record within their MAS systems. By connecting their data across platforms, B2B marketers can guide target accounts through a frictionless customer journey. With the ability to identify the anonymous visitors, B2B marketers no longer have to be dependent on people filling out a form, they can trigger content instantly across their website and start nurturing the accounts they value the most.

As ABM takes root within many of the world’s most successful companies, Oracle becomes the first major marketing cloud company to enter the category. We are excited to be partnered with Oracle on this journey and look forward to more exciting integration points to dramatically improve B2B marketing performance.

You can learn more about Account-Based Marketing Automation here.