Fast growth tech companies face many challenges in scaling up. As teams grow and new hires are onboarded, it’s essential to have a solid, repeatable sales process in place.
We used our data and insights to bring to you five important things you should avoid while mastering your sales process. Eliminating these mistakes can make an enormous difference in your sales team efficiency and success.

1. Sharing irrelevant information

Bombarding your prospects with generic collateral and irrelevant content is not likely to cut through the noise and get your buyers attention. 78% of buyers prefer to do business with organizations that personalize their pitches and enhance the overall sales experience. Sales professionals must send the right content to the right person and intrigue them. It’s not about the persona you’re sending to… it’s about the person.

2. Not aligning sales & marketing teams

To provide clients with the best possible person-to-person (P2P) sales experience throughout the full sales cycle, your sales team must use all available resources to its advantage. That includes any supporting marketing materials that are relevant to your buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, 60%of marketing materials are not used because companies’ sales and marketing teams are not aligned. As such, the vast amount of marketing materials – everything from social media messages and videos to whitepapers, slideshows and case studies, becomes more of an obstacle than a helping hand. When sales and marketing teams are aligned, your company can enjoy a 27% higher win rate.

3. Not following up with prospects quickly enough

35%-50% of buyers complete sales deals with the vendors who respond to them first. When a buyer is actively showing an interest, you need to strike while the iron is hot. To elicit a positive buyer response, sales reps have to learn each client’s needs and prompt them with appropriate materials – at breakneck speed. Otherwise, your champion might lose interest and move on to other tasks. The key lies in the fast delivery of the relevant information to drive deals forward.

4. Not properly tracking engagements

Proper sales engagement requires knowledge of client intent, interaction, and insights throughout the full sales funnel. To do so, your sales team needs to know exactly how and how often buyers are engaged with their content. This includes learning what aspects of the content were important to them so that your sales team can optimize the company’s offering to suit each buyer’s needs.

5. Spending too much time on admin tasks

Salespeople tend to spend more of their day on admin tasks, instead of actually speaking to prospective buyers. Rather than devoting a meager 33% of their day to customer engagement, they busy themselves writing emails, entering data, attending internal meetings and scheduling calls. It would be much smarter and productive to spend less time on these admin tasks and more time engaging with your champions.


Tech is now solving most of the above-mentioned challenges, enabling sales reps to be more focused, work smarter and faster and save precious time. Sales leaders and sales operations departments must take charge and harness these innovations to build relationships, engage with buyers, maximize sales productivity and close more deals.

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