What is a Twitter Audit?

A Twitter audit is a way for you to analyze the performance of your Twitter account, so that you can answer some important questions such as:

  • Who are your followers?
  • What do your followers Tweet about?
  • When are your followers active?
  • Which influencers are following you?

A Twitter Audit is a Diagnostic Tool

The purpose of a Twitter audit is to uncover weaknesses and highlight strengths, so that you can find areas for improvement. You may have already put a lot of thought into growing your Twitter following – especially if you are using Twitter to drive traffic to your website. Yet, you may not have spent as much time assessing the quality of your Twitter following.

A Twitter Audit is also a Learning Tool

Crowdbabble Twitter Analytics uncovers your audience demographics. This helps you to learn where your followers are from and which language they speak. As part of your audit, you can download this data and use it to generate an audit report to share with your team.

Here are a few things a full Twitter audit should include:

  • Analysis of your profile branding
  • Audience Demographics
  • Audience Interests and Behavior
  • Check Twitter profile picture and cover photo
  • Top influencers that follow you
  • Update Twitter bio wording

Why do you need a Twitter Audit?

The purpose of a Twitter audit is not simply to gather a pile of data. It should identify new opportunities for you to improve your social media strategy. Your Twitter audit will be successful if you use it to create profitable action steps. These steps should seek to improve the quality of your audience as well as its size. You need an audit to get the most from your Twitter account.

Analyze Audience Quality

The quality of your Twitter following is far more important than its size. In the past having a lot of followers used to confer a certain amount of ‘social proof’. These days most people are aware that many Twitter accounts pad their follower lists with fake followers. A quality audience will retweet your posts, like your tweets, and write thoughtful replies.

Produce Relevant Content

Instead of focusing on the size of your following, you should work to increase the quality. You can do this by producing tailored content. This will attract the right people and increase the engagement on your tweets. This is because people only engage with content that is relevant to them. As your audience grows, it becomes more challenging to maintain relevance. A proper Twitter audit is key to restoring relevance. It does this by providing you a better understanding of your followers.

How can you tell if your followers are real or not?

You can use Crowdbabble to speed up and simplify the Twitter follower validation process. All without having to spend hours creating and analyzing Twitter analytics reports. Here are a few ways you can find fake followers with the help of your Crowdbabble account:

1. Check your follower-to-like ratio

Perhaps your Twitter account has been overrun with fake profiles. One clue may lie in your engagement metrics. How many likes and retweets do you get on your tweets compared to the number of followers you have? When there is a high number of fake followers on an account, you will see a lot of accounts that are not engaging with you. There is no precise value for the ideal rate of engagement. Audiences vary. But, a good rule of thumb is that an account with 1,000 followers should receive at least 25 likes per tweet. This is an engagement rate of 2.5%.

Twitter Audit Engagement

2. Check who they follow and who follows them

Fake accounts are used primarily for following, liking, and retweeting. This leaves a footprint. You will notice that such accounts follow a lot of people but don’t have many followers in return. You will also notice that they hardly post anything original. Sometimes there are posts on the account. But these are usually old as the account has stopped posting a long time ago. Check the dates and you will notice the spurt of posts occurred when the account was created. Some fake accounts get around this by setting themselves to private.

Twitter Audit Followers

3. Commercial Spam

Fake accounts are made by people motivated to make quick money with minimal work. This means that bot creators often add extra streams of income. They do not stick to selling followers and engagements. They also try to promote 3rd party products. If you have a follower whose timeline is filled with affiliate links then this could be a fake account. Normal Twitter users simply do not use the platform in this way.

4. Crowdbabble Twitter Analytics

You can use Crowdbabble’s Twitter reports to help assess whether your followers are real. This feature allows you to accurately estimate how many bots may have started following your account. Identifying fake accounts is the first step in refocusing your content strategy. This new focus will allow you to attract genuine, profitable followers.

Twitter Audit Dashboard

Why a Twitter Audit is So Valuable for Your Social Media Presence

A Twitter Audit can help you understand how to significantly improve your engagement, target your ‘real’ audience better, and monetize your Twitter feed. The opportunities are endless when you fix one thing – engagement. That’s what we’re here to help with.

Perform a Twitter audit of your Twitter account or even a competitor’s Twitter account with Crowdbabble Twitter Analytics.