Avoid these Company Culture sins and you won’t have a toxic work environment.

Pride – having too much pride to see an issue with your company culture. Employees, customers, and shareholders are dissatisfied, yet you can’t see it. Pride gets in the way of solving everyday business problems (productivity, retention, morale) with a culture first mentality.

Laziness – not having the desire to improve the work environment. When there is clearly a problem, but you don’t try and fix it.

Greed – believing that a culture first focus will take away profits. Not knowing that in fact, a strong company culture can differentiate your business results by 20%-30%.

Glutton – the complete focus on profits while avoiding the real reason why a business exists. Meanwhile, the “why” behind your business drives its success.

Lust – ignoring employee motivational factors because of a strong desire or need to accelerate your business to the next level. Meanwhile, the fundamentals that improve employee motivation also help move your business forward.

Envy – the complete frozen state a company enters when they believe their culture could never reach the same heights as that of other large organizations. What’s really happening is you’re not taking action.

Wrath – the impact a poor response has on an employee when they make recommendations that would otherwise improve company culture.