A Lesson In Customer, Employee And Shareholder Success

I don’t think there is any question that the restaurant business is one of the most difficult ones there is to be successful at. It’s one that has the allure of glamor due to the highlighted successes on television shows often leaves out the real demands required to really make it. The realities of how many restaurants and dreams that fail simultaneously are heartbreaking.

So when you find a gem that’s successful with exceptional food, one that is a real delight to its customers, and understands the importance of maintaining a great work environment for their employees – well that’s a Converticulture featured company.

In this session you’ll hear why we selected The Lobster Pound and Moore in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to be featured in our MasterClass session. After one of our team members dined there and had such an exceptional experience, he went back to interview the owners to find out their success secrets.

3 things stood out for me that showed me how they have not only made it as a success at the 5 year mark – but that they have and incredible future ahead of them as well.

1) They totally love making their customers’ experience remarkable.

2) One of the owners, Richie remembered the concept of the Peter Principle from his high school math teacher and has applied that to continually fostering career advancement in his employees – even if it means that to advance they may lose them. You have to keep your staff happy and challenged.

3) I especially loved how they have defined success by making clear choices – to serve the best quality even when it costs more.

Their business advice is as refreshing as their food and dining experience, not to mention their concepts that every smart business owner, leader, manager can learn from.