Have you ever been wrong for an environment? I have…..

Have you ever thought you were making a good move just to realize it was a pretty bad mistake? I have…..

Have you ever stayed in a job because you felt stuck? Yes siree Bob…..


Have you ever left a job you found wasn’t the right environment? I have…..

Have you tried to not make the same mistake over and over again? I have….

Have you ever left a job because you couldn’t take it anymore…. You betcha …..

Some would say I’m my own worst enemy. Others might say I have guts to take a chance. I just don’t like to settle for less than what I want. Most of the time. My first go around as an entrepreneur was when I was in my early 30’s. I had an idea, looked around and approached a Franchise head office over and over until I got a response. It took tenacity and drive but I got a response finally. In that response, they acknowledged my tenacity and not giving up when I hadn’t heard back. I presented my idea, negotiated my franchise agreement and they supported me while I got my business going. It happened fast and it was long hours and 7 days a week, but are you kidding……..I was working for myself!!!!…….In a fun environment that I insisted on.

I let one person go in the 4 years but otherwise had 0 turnover.

Yes, it was a seasonal business but it wasn’t a high paying salary job for staff and still had 0 turnover! They were great staff and enjoyed their jobs. We had treats together, respected each other, and had fun.

When you see your staff come to work happy no matter how much they make and stay over the course of 4 years, that’s satisfaction. That’s accomplishment.

Years later, I went through 4 jobs in just over 3 years. I just wasn’t happy. I thought at one point it was me, but I’d like to think it wasn’t. After all, I just wanted a job that paid well enough, not extravagant. But one that was a good environment, where I could look forward to going to work. A place I was proud of and treated everyone fairly. Basically, I wanted a place that I had when I had my business……

We’ve all had jobs, or relationships for that matter, that weren’t right for us. Ones that make us stressed to the max. Some that make us cry and result in health issues down the road. We’ve all stayed in situations for the wrong reason……We convince ourselves that we don’t have the means to make a move, it’s too much work. We convince ourselves that we should be happy to “have a job”, while many people are looking.

That’s a reason isn’t it?

There’s lots of reasons to stay in a job or situation but there’s better reasons not to. It will likely take some blood, sweat and tears but we can all do it……….because we all have it. It takes guts and you just have to dig down and find them. People do it every single day and by the year 2023, the experts say 50% of people will be self employed. Thank you, social media and the connection economy. This is totally possible when you consider the vast reach we have today, thanks to technology.

Let’s look at The Home Depot founders:

In 1978, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank were executives who’d just heard the two words that strike fear in the hearts of employees everywhere: You’re fired. Their perspective changed, however, when a friend told them they’d “been kicked in the a** with a golden horseshoe.” The firings, in fact, were a blessing in disguise. Built from Scratch is the inside story of how two determined executives constructed the Home Depot empire from the ground up.

Now let’s look at the founder of Zappos:

Tony Hsieh’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was just nine years old and launched his first business — a worm farm. When that didn’t pan out, he moved on, undeterred, to businesses ranging from publishing a newsletter and selling it to classmates and running garage sales, all before high school. In 1998, at age 24, he sold his company LinkExchange, an online banner advertising program, to Microsoft for $265 million. He joined Zappos shortly after and helped create a company culture that infuses the science of happiness into its business model. That vision statement, to deliver happiness to the world, has drawn new and repeat customers to the site.

How about the founder of Naja Lingerie

“Leaving my job was always only a matter of time. I had learned everything I had to learn. I was bored, and I couldn’t stop the rebel inside me from doing what I needed to do — follow my heart. Entrepreneurship isn’t something sane people choose to do. Those of us who do it, do it because we can’t help it. We may try to fight it, we may try to do something else with our lives, but if we decide that what is important is our happiness, there is no other way to go. Was my life easier at my job? Yes. Did I enjoy the fancy dinners and comfortable salaries? Yes. But there is nothing better than doing that one thing you love.” – Catalina Girald, founder of Naja Lingerie

As an entrepreneur, founder or business owner are you creating an environment where others can find their passion? An environment where people can grow? An environment that supports learning and development?

Tell us how you’re creating a work environment where people don’t feel stuck, a business where people don’t feel as if they have made a bad decision, a culture your proud of. Comment below and tell us your story.