Sending emails can make you feel like a lovestruck middle schooler—when should you send the note? Have they read it yet? Should you send marketing-related messages before lunch? (Okay, maybe not that last part.)

Thankfully, Boomerang, a browser extension that allows people to schedule emails, released an infographic that reveals some secrets gleaned from analyzing 5 million emails. Clearly, you’re not the only one over-analyzing your inbox.

In fact, people are spending more time on email than ever. The typical user gets 147 messages per day and spends, on average, two and a half hours on their email account. Most of those emails get deleted or archived, but Boomerang found that the average person gets 12 important emails per day that take up an hour and a half of the workday.

Despite what you might think, 6 a.m. is the magic hour to send emails, so if you have an important message to deal with, it may make sense to ship it before you get to the office. If you’re not an early riser, emailing around lunch is also a good way to get a quick response.

Take a look at the infographic below for more useful information about emailing habits—and then go clean your inbox before it takes over your life.