As a costumer, former Drama Club kid, and lifelong geek, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I mean, hello: You get to dress up in costumes, eat candy, and commune with the dead! Best. Holiday. Ever.

I already know what my costume is going to be this year (I started thinking about it weeks ago), but I know not everyone is as organized/obsessive as I am. For all of you who are still debating a good party outfit, here are 10 content marketing-tastic ideas to consider. (All crappy Photoshopping courtesy of yours truly.)

Idea 1: Instagram Photo

Instagram Halloween Costume


This is a super easy option if you didn’t inherit the sewing / crafty gene and you don’t want to buy an expensive outfit. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about cumbersome prosthetics, wigs, or body paint getting in the way of your midnight revels.

Idea 2: Chicago Manual of Style Gang Member

Chicago Manual of Style Halloween Costume

Source: Digital Spy

You may remember this amazing article from The Onion awhile back about the gang war between Chicago Manual and AP Style adherents. Just buy an orange jumpsuit and carry your CMS copy with you, and you’re all set. (You could also paint on a fake Oxford comma tattoo if you really wanted to be authentic.)

Idea 3: Brainstorm

Brainstorm Halloween Costume

Source: Radiolab

This is an adorable costume idea that wouldn’t take much to put together. Just glue a plastic brain to a hat, get some lightning bolt earrings, and wear grey, and you’re done.

Idea 4: WysiwYg Editor

Step 1: Get a custom print t-shirt with Wysiwyg menu icons on it, like this:

Wysiwg menu

Step 2: Grab your glasses, pica ruler, and red pencil.

Step 3: Correct everyone’s style and formatting all night.

Idea 5: Content Distribution Monster

Content Distribution Monster Halloween Costume

Source: Everything Octopus

Start with your standard octopus or cthulhu costume, and add icons for your favorite content distribution channels to the ends of each tentacle. Ta-da!

Idea 6: SEO Wizard

SEO Wizard Halloween Costume

Source: Amazon

Lord of the Rings fans, rejoice: You can still get another use out of that Gandolf costume sitting in your closet! Dust off those grey robes, cut out some SEO-related terms in felt, and hot glue those suckers on. Presto: You’re now an SEO wizard.

Idea 7: Mad Data Scientist

Mad Data Scientist Halloween Costume

Source: iO9

My favorite mad scientist of recent times is, of course, Dr. Horrible. For this costume, start with a standard white lab coat and gloves. Goggles are optional, but nice. Then pin on a few charts from your analytics program of choice—or draw them with fabric pens, if you want a permanent look—and you’ll be ready to impress people with your insane data science skills (and personality).

Idea 8: Periscope

Periscope Halloween Costume

Source: ThinkGeek

Actual periscope + blue shirt + Periscope Logo = easy costume. Of course, you’ll want to live-stream the entire evening, so make sure to choose your festivities wisely.

Idea 9: Rand Fishkin as the Wizard of M(OZ)

Wizard of Moz Halloween Costume


Rand calls himself the “Wizard of Moz.” Combine a Wizard of Oz costume, handlebar mustache, and some serious SEO knowledge, and you too can aspire to Rand’s greatness—if only for an evening.

Idea 10: Walking Infographic

Walking Infographic

Source: Getty

Pick your favorite infographic (or better yet, create one that’s all about you!), get a signboard, and glue an enlarged version of the data to the board. The chicken suit is totally optional, but a nice touch.

Idea 11: Clickbait

Clickbait Halloween Costume

Source: Andrew Littlefield

Fellow Cerosian Andrew dressed up as clickbait last year for Halloween. Just tape or glue your favorite clickbaity publishers onto a shirt and grab your fishing pole. (Bowtie is optional, but always classy.)

Idea 12: A Unicorn Company

Unicorn Onesie Halloween Costumes

Source: Target

Because who in the startup world doesn’t want to work for a unicorn?

Idea 13: Pop-up Form

Pop-up Form Halloween Costumes

Source: Brands on Sale

Tell me your name, email, company, and title, and I’ll give you a free copy of this awesome whitepaper! Or maybe just a piece of candy.

Idea 14: Ravenclaw Student

Ravenclaw Halloween Costumes


Because all the best content marketers would be in Ravenclaw, obviously.

Idea 15: Viral Content

Viral Content Halloween Costumes

Source: The Doctor’s Channel

Who knew viruses could look so friendly? Carry a signboard with all of your performance stats, talk to everyone over the course of the evening, and you’ll achieve viral status overnight.

Before you go: Tell me what you’re dressing up as this Halloween in the comments!

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