Fall is upon us, and so are our favorite television season premieres.

Showtime offers up some incredibly thrilling shows, including Homeland, Dexter, and Penny Dreadful. These shows have a loyal fan following, who count down the days until their favorite programs air. When the team at Showtime wanted to create buzz and drive viewership for their Penny Dreadful season premiere, they created visually-arresting, mobile-friendly email campaigns that made a big impact with their audience.

We recently featured Showtime’s Penny Dreadful Campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns.

Let’s see why this campaign was a success.


  1. Powerful imagery: Showtime did an excellent job designing this attention-grabbing email campaign. The strong hero image, stark color scheme, and startling photographs perfectly convey the intensity of the television show and create a sense of anticipation for Penny Dreadful fans.
  2. Direct path to viewership: Showtime’s main call to action leads viewers directly to an online experience where they can live stream the season premiere. There are no obstacles or hurdles to discovering this content. Subscribers shouldn’t have to navigate through your website to find what they’re looking for; email CTAs should serve up the exact destination for the content that you want them to take action on.
  3. Tangible content: Although the premiere was still a few days away, Showtime included below-the-fold content that could engage and excite their viewers before Sunday’s big show. They linked to character deep dives, which provide color and related videos about the show.

Wrap up

Now that you’ve seen how Showtime uses email marketing to get their audience to tune in, tell us what you think. How do you use email to drive buzz for your product or service?