Rip Curl is the ultimate surfing company with a laser-focus on innovation.

Last fall Rip Curl leveraged Campaign Monitor to debut their wearable product: the SearchGPS Watch. Rip Curl’s SearchGPS Watch is the world’s first GPS watch that empowers surfers to track their rides, register their distance, and share their surf with their friends. The SearchGPS Watch encourages their surf-loving community to keep pushing themselves and “live the search.”

For Rip Curl, it was imperative that their marketing launch matched the beauty and sophistication of the SearchGPS Watch product. In addition, Rip Curl wanted this launch to be executed on a global scale, which they had never done before. The SearchGPS Watch campaign marks the first time that Rip Curl had ever rolled out a united global campaign. Every region joined forces to deliver a campaign with consistent technology, timing, messaging, and branding. Campaign Monitor was behind the scenes to help make it happen.

Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch

We recently featured Rip Curl’s SearchGPS Watch email campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns. Let’s see why this Rip Curl campaign is a fan favorite:

  • Mobile first: Rip Curl has a mobile first design mentality when it comes to their email marketing. They know that their community of subscribers is often on-the-go and checking their email from their mobile devices. The mobile version of this email campaign is simple in design and digestible for subscribers.

Rip Curl SearchGPS watch mobile email example

  • Contextual product placement: Rip Curl goes beyond the basics in their hero banner image by showcasing the SearchGPS Watch in context on a surfer. This humanizes the product and allows a subscriber to visualize the product use case. The stand-alone product image then dives deeper into the watch functionality and complements the initial contextual banner.

Now that you’ve seen an example of Rip Curl’s global launch email campaign, check out this rad video and see it in action.