April is National Volunteer Month, and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the thousands of Campaign Monitor nonprofit customers who depend on email marketing to spread their good work in the world.

Nonprofit organizations constitute one of the largest parts of Campaign Monitor’s customer base. Why? Because email marketing is an easy, effective, and low-cost way to spread the word about their causes. Email marketing also has one of the best return on investment of any marketing tactic at $38 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to raise money for your nonprofit, but it doesn’t stop there. In this post, we’ll cover six ways you can use email marketing to grow.

1. Raise money for your cause

Email marketing is unique in that it’s a personalized, 1:1 communication that can be executed on a massive scale. Keep your donors apprised of the initiatives you’re working on and how they can help, as the Red Cross does with its request for donations.

2. Educate your audience about their impact

Once donors have made a contribution, ask them to join your newsletter list so you can keep them informed about how their contributions are helping. St. Jude Research Hospital does this in the email below.

3. Drive attendance to your next event

Events are a terrific way to raise awareness and donations for your cause. Make sure the event is on your donors’ calendars with an email event invitation, as Amnesty International does.

4. Keep your cause top of mind with donors

Stay top of mind in your donors’ consciousness with a regular cadence of emails. Once someone donates to UNICEF, they’re added to a welcome series of emails of helpful content and a reminder to donate in the future.

5. Re-engage past donors

Create a list of individuals who have donated to your organization in the past. Invite them to your next event or make another contribution, as The Asthma Foundation does with their re-engagement email.

6. Celebrate an important day

People who feel good are more likely to share it with others. Say Happy Birthday or recognize another important date, and include an opportunity to give back.

Wrap up

To boost your nonprofit’s fundraising, drive attendance to your next event, and re-engage past donors, sign up for free today and enjoy a 15% discount off every campaign you send.