When it comes to email marketing, you probably spend most of your time thinking about the message you want to get across. You’re likely to focus your energy on crafting the perfect copy, as well as including compelling images.

However, every email you send has a footer. When was the last time you thought about yours? Footers aren’t the first thing you think of when creating emails to send to your subscribers, but they’re an essential piece of the puzzle, just like crafting the perfect copy

The footer won’t get the attention of your readers before they open the email, but it can make a difference to someone who’s thinking about unsubscribing. It can also unexpectedly delight the people on your list. Today we’re sharing what your footer must include, as well as 5 examples of fabulous email footers.

What email footers must include to stay compliant

The anti-spam laws of most countries require certain information to be included within emails, and most companies put this information within the footer. These anti-spam laws give readers protection from email senders who may have ulterior and malicious motives. In order to remain compliant, you must include the following in your email footers:

  • Unsubscribe mechanism – there must be a way for your recipients to opt-out of getting your emails. Most email marketing software adds this as a link in the footer of the email. The unsubscribe must be taken care of within 10 days and must be easy to see and understand.
  • Postal address – You need to make sure you have a current and valid address for your business included in your email. Again, this is usually in the footer of the email, and in an easy to see area in case your customers need to get in touch with you.

1. Share a motto like United by Blue

United by Blue sells outdoor gear that’s reliable and durable. In their email footer, the business includes the motto they live by, staying on brand. They also make it easy for their customers to get help by including their phone number and hours of business. Everything is organized, easy to find, and they have their hashtag to find them on social media.

United by Blue – Email Marketing – Footer Business Motto

2. Share your business personality like Moosejaw

Moosejaw, a lively outdoor gear company, has to include information required by law for their sales and clearance prices. But they keep it on brand by having fun with the wording, even thanking their subscribers for making it down that far in the email. They also have a link to their privacy policies, a link to an email preference center, and an easy to find unsubscribe link. Plus the link to a picture of a giraffe, does in fact go to a picture of a giraffe.

Moosejaw- email footer - personality

3. Add images

Alaska Airlines has added a lot of personality to the footer of their emails. They are in compliance with laws by having a clear unsubscribe link and address, but they’ve kept with their branding by including colors and their logo. They also have a fun way of asking their subscribers to follow them on social media.

Alaska Airlines – Email Marketing – Footer with Image

Patagonia has icons with links to a few of the programs they run, plus many social media icons to help their customers connect with them. They also have a great message to get their subscribers to use the preference center with a promise that they will then get the right sorts of emails.

Patagonia – Email Preference Link Footer

5. Share your company values like MiiR

MiiR, a company that creates water bottles and coffee cups, has a clean and simple footer with a powerful message. They, of course, have all the required information, but they have made their unsubscribe message friendly and nice. They’ve made a point to highlight their company mission, reminding subscribers of who they are and what they stand for.

Miir – Email Footer – Company Values Footer

Wrap up

While footers may seem basic, they can be optimized to add some oomph to your emails. Keep in compliance with the law, and if you’re using email marketing software that shouldn’t be too difficult, but still remember to add your own touch.