You’ve probably heard all the buzz about marketing automation right? It’s helping marketers increase efficiency, improve message relevancy, connect with customers at exactly the right moment, and generate heaps of revenue.

In this post, we’ll help you prepare to use marketing automation with three easy things that every marketer can do. But first, let’s consider why marketing automation is so critical to businesses of all sizes.

The numbers on marketing automation

Maybe you’re wondering, “What’s with all the buzz around marketing automation?”

The short summary: More and more marketers are discovering that with the help of marketing automation, they can send more personalized email campaigns to the right segments of subscribers at the right time.

Ascend2 found email marketing technology has the highest adoption rate of all automation systems–and it’s easy to see that this is no passing trend.

Why? Because it produces impressive results:

  • Automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages. – Epsilon Email Institute
  • Over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns. Automated email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing revenue. – DMA

But while marketing automation produces real, tangible results, a recent study we conducted with over 500 marketers also shed light on the fact that marketers want simple to use, but powerful solutions for their marketing automation needs. A whopping 91% said that the marketing technology products they buy must be easy to use.

So what do you need to do to use marketing automation for your business?

1. Have an engaged list of subscribers

First things first: You need a quality list of subscribers to send to. Make the opt-in for your email list easy by creating various opportunities for people to sign up. Place signup forms:

• In your website footer
• On the “About Us” page
• In your email signature
• At the end of your blog content
• On Facebook
• On sidebar CTAs

As you attract new visitors and customers through these channels, you’ll create more and more ways for an interested audience to join your email list – and from there, you can continue the conversation with them in their inboxes, and engage them from the get-go the way does with a compelling welcome series of emails.

2. Collect the right data to power customer journeys

Be sure your forms are collecting the key pieces of subscriber data you’ll need to power relevant, personalized messages and customer journeys.

Aside from email address, consider including form fields for first and last names, birthday, and geographic location, as personalization is a proven tactic for increasing open rates and click-throughs. In fact, data from Experian found that personalized emails can deliver 6x higher transaction rates.

Think about it: By simply including your subscribers’ first names in subject lines and body text, you can make messages feel much more tailor-made for each individual subscriber. In addition, when you have information like birthday, you can send birthday offers like Monica Vinader does to create more meaningful relationships with your subscribers and fuel awesome revenue streams for your business.

You can also use data from apps and integrations to trigger journeys. Imagine using data from your e-commerce platform such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce to send a VIP offer to high spending customers.

3. Create segments for greater relevancy

Another way to increase relevancy and use personalization in your marketing automation is to create segments based on customer actions (like purchase activity), demographic (like location or gender), or interest. This keeps you from sending mass messages that have a one-size-fits-all feeling. This is how you take email marketing from one-to-many to one-to-one.

Using segments, you can increase relevancy in your messages by creating segment-specific email content.

For example, based on our example above using data from your Shopify store if you have a segment of customers who’ve spent more than $500 (your VIPs), you could send this segment your best deals, discounts, and early access as a reward for their loyalty.

Wrap up

By doing these three easy things, you can unleash the power of marketing automation. Try our easy to use and powerful marketing automation features to fuel your business today.