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Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once. Quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web, collaborate with team members, and analyze rich statistics on how your posts perform.

How to Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

“Thought leadership” is one of those buzzwords that we’ve all heard roughly a million times. And while it may feel…

Jenny Foss
January 12, 2022
BrandViews / Buffer

Personal Brand, Meet Business Brand: How Small Business Owners Can Make Them Work Together

Building a unique, authentic brand is essential for any business. A strong identity helps customers understand who you are, what…

Ariana Wolf
January 6, 2022
BrandViews / Buffer

How to Hire a Social Media Manager: Our Exact Process and Job Description

For any company, building and maintaining a social media presence is a key marketing strategy for reaching more potential customers.…

Hailley Griffis
December 19, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

Ask the Buffer Team: What If I Don’t Have Anything to Share on Social Media?

Q: Help! I’m usually good at regularly posting to my company’s social accounts every day, but sometimes I’m at a…

Sophie Gil
December 14, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

The Stories That Matter for Your Business: A Framework That’ll Help You Influence, Engage, and Connect

We instinctively use stories to understand the world around us and to influence each other. Stories are what give our…

Christina Blacken
December 13, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

What’s In a Brand? A Step-by-Step Guide for Companies at Every Size

Corporations like Apple, Nike, and Starbucks are known for their solid, instantly recognizable brands that are woven through everything they…

Hailley Griffis
December 10, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

How Small Business Owners Can Find Balance in an Always-on World

No matter what you do, in today’s world, it can be incredibly hard to unplug. We see this every year…

Hailley Griffis
December 9, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

How Social Media Can Help You Find and Hire the Right People for Your Business

When you hear that social media can be valuable for hiring, you may think, “Sure, I’ve browsed LinkedIn for potential…

Nicole Miller
December 7, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

A Branding Expert Shares: How to Use Design Templates Like a Pro

As a branding designer, most people assume I’m against companies using design templates. After all, how can you make your…

Saskia Ketz
November 26, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

Grow Your Influence, Build Your Brand: 4 Powerful Ways to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for keeping tabs on your old colleagues anymore. Many small business owners have found incredible benefits from…

Hailley Griffis
November 23, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

4 Tips for Consistently Generating High-Quality Social Media Content for Your Small Business

These days, a strong social media presence is key for building a reliable brand, standing out, and gaining traction with…

Hailley Griffis
November 22, 2021
BrandViews / Buffer

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