If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far in the digital age, it’s that no single ad, video or article speaks to everyone. More than ever, targeted marketing that picks and chooses the most relevant and interesting content for each individual is the only way to get marketing-fatigued customers to engage with brands and products and to grow profits.

Before you attempt to raise your website revenue, however, ask yourself these important questions:

  • What is the value of your unique website visitors?
  • How do you figure out what will catch the eye of your website’s unique visitors when they’re anonymous?


Calculating the Value of Your Website’s Unique Visitors

You may rejoice whenever you notice that the number of visitors to your website has increased, but beyond the page view numbers there is worth in each individual visitor. We’re talking about how much money those unique visitors bring to your business.

You can break down the dollars-and-cents value of a visitor in any given time period with the following formulas:

  • Value of website customer: New revenue generated / Number of website visitors
    • Example: $1,000,000 / 200,000 visitors = $5 visitor value
  • Visit to lead conversion rate: Number of leads / Number of visitors in the same time frame
  • Lead to customer conversion rate: Number of customers / Number of leads in the same time frame

If you’ve done the math and it’s making you a bit queasy, let’s move on to the second question: How do you change your website to increase each visitor’s worth?

5 Ways to Personalize Your Website’s Content

Transforming your website’s content from generic to personalized is one of the best ways to boost the value of your unique visitors with increased lead generation and conversion. These strategies can help:

  1. Direct Customers to Persona-Specific Content – Think about who accesses your website and why. At BrightInfo, we know that our main audiences are marketers, publishers, agencies and advertisers. Using our algorithm, we can automatically direct people to the content that is most relevant to them. We save our clients time from digging around to find what they need, which means that they’re more likely to stick around to learn more.
  1. Look to the Source – Where a visitor came from can speak volumes about where they intend to go. Did a visitor find your site through Facebook? Be sure to emphasize ways to share content with their friend network. If a visitor comes from BuzzFeed as opposed to the New Yorker, that individual will most likely favor blog posts and videos over longer, more detailed whitepapers or case studies. Look at your top referral sources and change images, tone, calls to action and recommended content to create a unique experience for each.
  1. Optimize by Device – Equally important as the content of your website is how it’s formatted. Too many websites are still optimized for desktop only, meaning mobile presentations look crowded and clunky. Depending on the habits of your market, a mobile-optimized display and responsive Web design are worth the investment.
  1. Leverage Geographic and ABM Segmentation – Websites may bring together visitors from all over the world, but some events and experiences are still location-specific. If you or your partners have a geography or time zone-specific events or promotions, tailoring your advertising to a customer’s location can increase your website’s and whole company’s value. Or, create versions of your website in multiple languages that automatically switch depending on the visitor’s IP address to broaden the user interface for users all over the world.
  1. Use Targeting Technology – Targeting or personalization technology is key to offering visitors the right content at the right time. It generates a list of recommended content on a per-person and per-page basis by analyzing individual visitors’ behavior patterns, crowd behavior and textual hints from your content. Targeting technology whisks individual visitors away on their own personalized journey from the home page to useful content or a related product page that is uniquely relevant to them.

Personalization is key to optimizing your website’s traffic and increasing the ROI of your marketing initiatives. But don’t take our word for it; schedule a demo and see the beneficial effects of targeting technology for engaging customers, increasing revenue and developing loyal customer relationships.