Why you should consider planning your campaigns around content hubs – Do you struggle to get your content seen? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common struggle for many marketers, even those who follow all the best Inbound marketing practices, and tick all the right boxes:

  • Create high quality content – check!
  • Develop buyer mapped content that solves a persona challenge – check!
  • Promote content across relevant digital channels – check!

How to Increase Inbound Lead Quality By Planning Campaigns Around Content Hubs

You know that if your content ranks well and is seen in the right places, your lead generation potential will increase. But addressing the disconnection between good content and visibility can be difficult.

There are a number of reasons that content campaigns may struggle to gain the attention they deserve. Firstly, the sheer volume of digital noise around today means it’s increasingly difficult to have your message heard. Secondly, your personas may not even know they need your precise content – they’re just looking for answers to their problems. And of course, from a marketing perspective, regularly creating a consistent, quality volume of content is hard!

But don’t despair! There are two key solutions to your content challenges:

  1. Align Your Content With How Google Ranks Sites Today

You know you need to create content that speaks to your Buyer’s Challenges. But are you also considering how Google reads your content?

Today, creating isolated posts – no matter how well targeted and on topic they are – is not enough. You need to produce multiple content pieces, all related to an underlying topic, to bring authority. For example, with semantic search, Google aims to understand the contextual meaning of searchers’ intentions. Your content planning should reflect this – instead of hammering one keyword, make sure you use semantically related long and short tail keywords to draw relevant traffic.

2. This Can Be Achieved By Building Content Hubs

A good way to achieve point 1, is to develop a content hub. Content hubs are collections of multiple content assets (on your site), built and interlinking around one umbrella topic, or hub keyword (often a buyer persona challenge). The combination of all this relevant content can then help Google see you as an authority on the subject; boosting your SEO and visibility, and increasing your quality lead generation potential.

Tips On Planning Inbound Campaigns around Content Hubs

Focus Your Hub Around A Persona Challenge

For your hub topic and content to be relevant and draw quality leads, it should map back to solving a Buyer Persona challenge. For best effect, focus on addressing one persona challenge at a time (for example, How to Plan An Inbound Marketing Campaign), and plan out a whole campaign of related hub content; from eBooks, to blogs to guides and more. Bear in mind that you might run multiple hub campaigns at any one time.

Be Specific

Content must be specific in order for it to resonate with your target personas. Planning around content hubs can help with specificity, as you’ll be focused on addressing your persona-challenge-relevant hub topic. As a guide, make sure your content titles address a specific aspect of the overarching hub-topic you’re writing under.

Keep the Buyer’s Journey In Mind

In addition to considering SEO, persona pain points and hub topics, your content must map to address evolving challenges at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Creating content that addresses challenges at the Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages of that purchasing journey is a great help to lead nurture. And by mapping a full campaign hub to a challenge, you’ll know you always have that next piece of related, relevant content to share with your prospects.

Hub Specificity Results In Higher Quality Leads

Essentially, by creating persona-relevant content that addresses a hub-challenge at every stage of the Buyer’s Journey, and structuring it in a hub, your authority on the topic will resonate with both your audience and in search rankings. As a result, your visibility, relevance and authority will grow – drawing higher quality leads.