creative mindThere is no doubt that blogging is one of the most popular content marketing tactics businesses apply. It’s easy, you don’t need anything special to get started, just need some writing time and inspiration. But what if you run out of inspiration and still need to put out a great blog post to your audience by a deadline? Here’s what we do when we get writers block, check it out!

Where to look for inspiration:

  1. Internally

Posting original content that only your business knows or developed is a great way to build an audience. Look for:

  • News or announcements you can share about the company, offering, customers that are worth reading about
  • New partnerships or any type of collaborations
  • Business practices that are of interest to your audience like how you market or how you sell or support (depending on your specific audience) your customers
  • Events you are going to attend. This can potentially help you engage better with attendees or locals
  • Check with your peers and co-workers if they have any ideas for engaging posts. You can even ask other departments to contribute a post once a month
  • Looks at past posts and see if you can repurpose them given that time had passed and there are new data points
  • Look at premium content items such as eBooks or webinars and see if you can break them or parts of them into posts
  1. Externally

Here’s where to look for externally to get inspired

  • Reviews or mentions of your company or product or service can be a great conversation starter or a reason to write up “3 great product reviews in one week” type post
  • Topics based on popular Search Engine Keywords for your industry or vertical (SEO friendly). You can check top keywords using Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Look at trends on relevant industry publications to get inspired
  • Read what industry bloggers are saying on their blogs
  • Read your competitors blogs
  • Check out your partners blogs
  • Sign up to relevant LinkedIn groups and watch discussion trends
  • Speak to your customers and ask them what content will be of interest to them
  • Search online
  1. Group effort

Still stuck? Try to get inspired by speaking to folks around you about blog post ideas

  • Peers in your department or other departments
  • Partners
  • Peers on LinkedIn groups
  • Marketing consultants
  • Content writers

Writing regularly requires discipline and a steady flow of ideas, make sure to keep a pipeline of ideas on file so you always have ideas available. But if you run into a dry spell, hopefully the list above will get you out of that corner…

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