B2B marketers cringe at the thought of bouncing, and, no, it’s probably not related to a traumatic childhood incident in a bounce castle. Instead, the word “bounce” holds the weight of thousands and thousands of missed opportunities.

In minutes, often seconds, your hopeful prospects return to the shadows of the Web after an unsatisfying experience on your website. In fact, more than 50% of your total website traffic will bounce. Instead of looking at your analytics with puppy dog eyes while patiently waiting for another anonymous visitor to show up, put yourself (and most importantly, your website) in motion.

Personalizing the user experience with relevant content is the key to pulling the springs out of your trampoline of a website, and luckily, we’ve got the tools to help. Not only do we know why people are leaving your site, but we’re here to help you rescue those misguided prospects with a little bit of TLC: Tender Love and Content personalization.

personalizationHere are 5 reasons people are leaving your site, and how content personalization will come to the rescue.

  1. You’re overwhelming them with ads

While advertisements are a necessity in the growth of revenue for many marketers and publishers, they can also act as kryptonite to a positive-user experience. You can boast a beautiful site with intriguing content, but still fall victim to the intrusive and irrelevant ads that litter your website.

Instead of taking shots in the dark with your advertising messages, be proactive in personalizing these offers to each individual in your audience. What sounds like a lot of work is actually a walk in the park with the right content personalization tool. You can use your interesting, professional and relevant content and recommend the right content to the right person, automatically with just a few minutes to set up.

  1. Your content is irrelevant

It’s simple. You need to provide every individual in your audience with exactly what they need, when they need it. If you don’t, they’re going to leave and likely never return. From an outsider’s point of view, that statement probably sounds like a miraculous event. But not here.

To truly engage each individual visitor, you need to prepare content assets for all stages of the buyer’s journey, and have the tools to implement them in a timely fashion. If you take the right approach, your content personalization solution will leverage all of the amazing work you put into your content assets, with fully-automated and fully-customizable content recommendations that will turn bounce to stick.

  1. Your visual language doesn’t match your content

Sure, you may have some brilliant blog posts and “wow”-worthy webinars, but if the packaging of these content offers fail to catch the eye, do you really have anything at all? Poor design plays a huge role in whether or not someone trusts a website, best highlighted in a study by psychologist and researcher Dr. Elizabeth Sillence, who found that 94% of wary respondents attributed their uneasiness to the website’s design.

As a B2B marketer, so much of your site’s design relies on the way your content and advertisements appeal to the eye of your audience. With conversion optimized display that is fully customizable, you can facilitate a personalized user experience that fits the look and feel of your website, and your brand. All it takes is the right solution.

  1. You’ve gone gate-crazy with your gated content

Your content is valuable. You know it, and your audience should know it. A name and an email address are a fair price to ask for some of your premium content, but it doesn’t mean you should put a form at the front of every content asset you offer.

Not every website visitor is ready to cough over their personal information for your insight. It’s like asking a window shopper to pay a deposit for standing outside your store. It’s important that you analyze where each individual website visitor is in the buyer’s journey by monitoring the way they’ve navigated through your website. With the right set of fully-automated tools, your site will have the ability to provide the visitor with a relevant call to action for a piece of timely, gated content. This allows you to nurture every lead to the point where bouncing isn’t an option.

  1. You’re not taking advantage of alternative content offers

If you’re not using exit intent technology, you’re not doing EVERYTHING you can to reduce bounce. Let’s face it, people are going to hit the “back” button. They’re going to return to Google and they’re never going to come back. However, there is hope for one final moment of engagement.

With an exit intent offer, you provide your prospect with a just-in-time piece of relevant content that may be enough to rope them back into the funnel. By strategically offering visitors a relevant content alternative just prior to their exit from your site, up to 9% will click and take a second look, and 35%-65% of those who re-engage will convert. A strategy that could make a huge difference in overall lead conversion is just a small piece of the puzzle that is content personalization.