Ensuring a seamless transition from a legacy system to a new SFA solution

Today, many organizations are put-off from moving their cumbersome legacy system to next-gen cloud SFA solutions because the process is considered to be complex, time-consuming and costly. Implementing a new sales software is a very significant decision. At the same time, a recent study shows that deploying an intelligent process-driven SFA software increases deal closure by 30%; reduces sales cycle by 18% and increases revenue by 41%.

To ensure a seamless transition, it is important to consider several crucial aspects. First, take into consideration who will be using the new SFA software, and how the switch will affect their current business operations. It is essential to ensure high user-adoption rates among the sales reps. If the sales reps do not like the way the system operates or it does not help them with their routine tasks, then it is most likely that they’ll never use the new SFA solution. Second, review what features a new SFA software should have and what features sales reps actually use because 43% of sales reps report that they use less than half of the SFA system features. Third, look closely at the quality of the data you want to have migrated to the new program. Recent studies show that enterprise level organizations estimated poor-quality data costs them an average of $14.2 million annually. Fourth, optimize your business processes. Eighty percent of businesses process need to be designed based on the real process that users follow. However, many organizations tend to idealize the business process that leads to ineffectiveness and makes them not applicable to real life cases. Finally, consider a software that provides features that will jazz up your sales processes and help sales reps boost their productivity. For this purpose, it is recommended to develop an action-plan that is based on industry best practices to ensure a seamless transition to a new SFA solution. We have dedicated an entire eBook that outlines the core aspects of the transition from a legacy system to a new SFA solution and the action-plan for businesses to follow. Download the eBook and get valuable insights: