Webinars are great for educating others – they help you reach out to your audience, show off your product and even interact with attendees through Q&A. But even after the webinar is over, that doesn’t mean the communication with your audience should end.

Why run a webinar?

First though, let’s step back a bit. This post started with the line “webinars are great.” But why is that?

According to a survey conducted by the team over at the webinar hosting service, ReadyTalk, clients who ran webinars saw 20-40 percent of registrants turn into qualified leads. Think that was impressive? They also found that prospects were 60 times more likely to convert when clients supplemented those webinars with post-webinar emails.

So where does email fit in?

Funneling your webinar attendees and registrants into an email list is the perfect way to get a recording of your webinar out to people who may have missed it, skipped out early, or simply want a replay of your presentation. It’s also great for extending the conversation you had with your audience during the webinar, even long after it ended.

A typical checklist for setting up a webinar and a corresponding email funnel may look like this:

  • Create your presentation (outline, slides, etc.)
  • Create an email list in your email service provider (like AWeber) for your registrants
  • Write the email(s) for your post-webinar series
  • Practice!
  • Prepare to record your webinar

After the webinar ends, you’ll want to…

  • Upload your recording to a platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia
  • Import your registrants
  • Put your recording in your email
  • Send!

The above steps assume you’ll be creating a new list for your webinar audience. If you’re planning to add them to an existing list, just do that and skip the part about creating a separate list.

What to talk about…after you webinar

So your webinar went great; there were no hiccups and you had an active audience. Now it’s time to get those registrants/attendees into your funnel. But other than sending a recording and a thank you, what else can you offer?

The post webinar email funnel gives you a great chance to send follow up information about your business, like:

  • Offers for the product you demoed in your webinar
  • Supplemental PDFs/whitepapers/infographics
  • Links to your site/blog
  • Opportunities to register for future webinars

This email funnel can be as simple as one email, or an elaborate email campaign set up to deliver timely content to your audience. That could include supplemental educational content related to your webinar, as well as calls-to-action to convert your webinar registrants into paying customers.

Tying it all together

Here at AWeber, we use GoToWebinar to run most of our webinars. We also have an integration with them through Zapier, which allows you to automatically upload webinar registrants directly to your email list.

Regardless of which solution you use, webinars and email make a great team in helping you reach out to your audience, build your list and provide more people the opportunity to be exposed to your business.

How have you used webinar and email together?

Tell your story below in the comment section – let’s learn from each other!