Strapped for time? Feeling frazzled? Wondering if you’ll even have time make it to the end of this blog post? (It’s ok if you don’t, you won’t hurt my feelings.)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re the perfect candidate for email marketing. Email helps you make meaningful connections with your tribe using very little time.

It sounds like a catch-22, doesn’t it? It’s not – as long as you’re spending your time wisely. But that doesn’t always happen.

Try these time-saving email marketing tips the next time you find yourself wondering, “Where the heck did my day go?!”

Spending too much time creating content? Try…

Email automation

According to this survey, email marketers spend the bulk of their time on content. It makes sense, right? Great content helps you grow and connect with your audience.

But many marketers are spending too much time creating content. I get it. It’s hard to come up with original content on a regular basis, never mind finding the time to sit down and compose an email or *shudder* an entire series of them.

That’s why email automation exists. With email automation, you can take content you already have and turn it into a welcome series or email course. You can even link multiple email campaigns together. That way, you’re not creating a ton of new content. You’re simply organizing your existing content into shorter, digestible emails that keep your subscribers engaged over time.

Try these email automation ideas:

Curated content

Curating content positions you as a thought-leader and saves you time. Here’s how to create a curated email newsletter:

  • Bookmark articles with your subscribers in mind. What kind of news will keep them in-the-know?
  • Make a short list of the most interesting and relevant articles in your newsfeed (three to five is a good number to aim for).
  • Add those articles to a newsletter and add a short description about why people should read them.

Check out this post to learn more about curated content.

Spending too much time trying to grow your list? Try…


Growing your subscriber list is one of the biggest challenges an email marketer can have. It’s also a huge time-suck, especially when it comes to researching all the tools you need to create pop-up forms, landing pages and more.

Lucky for you, Wishpond has all of those tools in one place. It’s a platform where you can create Facebook contests, pop-up forms, landing pages and easily track your campaigns within the app. If you’re an AWeber customer, you can connect Wishpond to your AWeber account. Check it out!

A mobile sign up form app

You never know when you’ll meet a potential subscriber. Why not be prepared with an easy way to add people to your list, right in your pocket? A mobile app, like AWeber’s Atom app, lets you add new subscribers anytime, anywhere.


There are lots of little ways Facebook can help grow your list fast. Try linking Facebook’s call-to-action button to your hosted sign up form or landing page. Add a sign up form to your Facebook page. Once you have those in place, promote your premium content on Facebook and let people know that if they want to see more, they can sign up for your list.

A hosted sign up form

Does the thought of creating a sign up form and adding it to your website make you break into a cold sweat? It shouldn’t – and it’s super easy to do, I promise. But there is another way: the hosted sign up form. You can create one in five minutes or less, then share it everywhere.

Spending too much time managing your subscribers? Try…


A massive subscriber list can only help you when those subscribers are engaged. Unfortunately, a lot of people avoid purging their list of inactive subscribers simply because list clean-up can be time-consuming.

Enter Kickbox, a tool that lets you easily check up on your list’s health and clean it up in minutes. As a result, you get better deliverability and a more active list. Check it out.


Want to know which of your Salesforce contacts are subscribed to your email lists? The Salesforce app integration will tell you! Learn more about keeping tabs on your contacts with the Salesforce app.


If you have multiple email campaigns (for customers and prospects, for example), sending the right content to the right people can get tricky. Plus, you always want to make sure you’re sending relevant content to your subscribers.

Segmenting your list based on specific subscriber interests lets you quickly and easily send relevant content to your audience. That means you can send an email only to your prospects who didn’t click through to buy your ebook in your last email. Or message those who did with another ebook they might like.

Take back your time today!

Email marketing is designed to make your life easier. Use these solutions any time you feel like time isn’t on your side.

Want to get an even better handle on managing your time? Check out these five time-tracking tools.

How do you save time with email marketing? Tell us in the comments!