Are you sending spam without even realizing it?

In this episode of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, we talk with John Bonini, Growth Director at Litmus.

In a blog post written earlier this year, John explored the nuances of selling and spamming. Email marketing is evolving, and it’s crucial for marketers to reinforce the value they’re providing, while redefining traditional views on spam. John shares his take on how to be relevant, be human, and tactfully write to convert.

Check out the episode above, and you’ll hear about:

  • How email marketers define spam vs. how consumers are defining spam
  • Different ways to consider personalization
  • Why NOT selling your solution is selfish
  • How to source great marketing copy
  • The importance of manual outreach
  • And much more…

Here are a few links that were mentioned on the show:

We didn’t get to cover it, but here is a fantastic series of articles Litmus put out regarding Single v. Double Opt-in:

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