The trick to creating an eye-catching email is easier than you think: just add images!

When done tastefully, they add context without bulk, fill in the gaps between content and make your emails look just a little bit better. And we love a good looking email.

Plus, the only tool you need to take beautiful, compelling pictures is right in your pocket.

Don’t believe us? Take a look:

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Monica: Welcome back to AWeber Quick Tips! In case we haven’t met, I’m Monica.

Olivia: And I’m Olivia. Did you know that adding images to your emails is one of the best ways to create an engaging experience for your subscribers? That’s why today’s episode is all about tips for taking better pictures.

M: But don’t whip out your Nikon just yet.

O: Why buy fancy camera equipment or succumb to stock photography when you’ve got this little guy in your pocket?

M: With all of the great apps out there, taking beautiful images has never been easier or more accessible.

O: Are you ready? Let’s get started so you can get out there and get shooting.

M: Tip #1: Know Your Lighting

O: Lighting can easily make or break a picture. Finding the best solution? That’s where things can get a little tricky.

M: Natural light helps set the mood, saving you the expense of fancy flashes and lighting gear, but it’s good to note that different times of the day and the weather can affect your shots, as well.

O: For example, shooting under direct sunlight will capture harsh shadows in your image – not so great for portraits. But a cloudy day? Perfect for getting a soft, diffused light that is oh-so flattering.

M: The time of day you shoot can also have a dramatic effect on your images. Early morning or evening shots will produce pictures with a warm glow and long shadows, a stark contrast from the spotlight effect created by the mid-day sun.

O: Use the sun and weather to your advantage. It’ll help evoke the mood you want your photos to convey.

M: Tip # 2: Composition Is Key

O: Anyone can take a photo of a subject straight on. But is that really the most unique point of view? One word: Boring.

M: To take pictures that stand out from the crowd, play around with your perspective.

O: Get above, below, or to the side of your subject, bearing in mind the rule of thirds.

M: What’s the rule of thirds? It’s a guideline that divides your frame into thirds and allows you to place your subject at the intersection of those lines. It adds visual interest to your composition when compared to centering your subject.

O: And remember to keep things simple. An overwhelming canvas can detract from your subject. Less is more!

M: Tip #3: Explore the World of Editing Tools and Apps

O: Now that we’ve covered how to shoot a great picture, let’s talk editing apps.

M: There are so many great options out there to transform your images into works of art. So you’ll have professional-looking photos in no time.

O: I recommend VSCO Cam and Snapseed for their awesome editing capabilities. From filters to focal points, these apps cover everything. And the VSCO Cam blog is great for photo inspiration.

M: The best part? They’re both available for iPhone and Android.

O: And that’s it for today! Pretty simple, right?

M: Now that you’ve got these tricks up your sleeve, start getting creative with your next email campaign.

O: But wait! AWeber Users! Did you know there’s now a super easy way to add images to your next broadcast? Just download the Atom app and start uploading photos directly to your image gallery.

M: How cool is that?

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M: Thanks for joining us and check back in two weeks for more AWeber Quick Tips!