Every now and then, we like to try something new for our readers and viewers. That’s why we’re testing a slightly different format of Quick Tips with… Quick Tips LIVE!

Last Friday, we held a Google Hangout with our fans and discussed tactics for improving email open rates. Bummed you missed it? Watch the recording below!

Since we didn’t get to everyone’s questions (it is Quick Tips, after all), we wanted to make sure we addressed all of your open rate concerns. Here was a question (and our response) from our viewer Amy:

Any tips for copy on landing or thank you pages for making sure people check their promotions/spam folders without saying that?

I recommend being completely transparent in communicating this with your new subscribers. Being honest with your audience isn’t a bad thing; in fact, many people include this information in their landing pages. In addition to thanking them for signing up to your list, include a line of text that simply reads “To make sure you are subscribed to our emails, be sure to check your spam or promotions folder for our confirmation message.”

Before you go…

We’ll be back next Friday (10/23) for another live episode, so look for an invite in our weekly blog digest (or subscribe to our email list to make sure you never miss an episode). If you have a topic you’d like for us to cover, tell us in the comments below!