The email newsletter. It’s one of the most iconic types of emails out there, and it’s easy to see why. The newsletter provides the perfect format for communicating a variety of information with your subscribers, such as company updates, new blog posts and more.

But what’s the right formula for creating one that people want to engage with?

In the latest episode of Quick Tips, we discussed a simple recipe for creating the perfect email newsletter:

In case you missed a tip, read the transcript here:

Oliva (O): Hey everyone – welcome back to Quick Tips. I’m Olivia.

Monica (M): And I’m Monica. Today we wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about a popular type of email: the newsletter.

O: You know, I’ve always been a big fan of those.

M: Me too.

O: It’s a great way to get a sample of different types of content and updates from a company, and it usually means that I get less frequent emails too, which my inbox definitely appreciates.

M: Agreed. And if you’re looking for an easy way to engage and grow your email audience, the email newsletter is a perfect format for you.

O: What if you’re not sure what to write in a newsletter?

M: Here’s a good place to start: Come up with a template for your newsletter that consists of 3 or 4 different brief topics. This can include your most recent content (like a blog post), curated content, and company updates.

O: Since you’ll be covering different topics, keep your list of updates brief. Many of your subscribers will be reading your emails on mobile, so your email content should be easily scannable.

M: So now let’s take a closer look at what you can write in your newsletter.

O: If you regularly blog or create long-form content or host weekly podcasts, your email newsletter is a perfect channel for which to share it with your audience.

M: This gets your content in front of more people and lengthens its life. Not to mention, it’s also an easy way to drive traffic back to your website.

O: Why not include your most popular post of the week, and even one that didn’t get as many views.

M: You can do this for any type of content you regularly produce, whether it’s a blog post, podcast, YouTube video, ebook – you get the idea.

O: You can also use this as a chance to share any contributions you made to other blogs or news outlets. If you authored a unique post that was published on another company’s website, share it with your subscribers to spread the word!

M: Aside from content you’ve written, you can also curate content from your favorite reliable sources. This is a great way to share trending information related to your industry/niche that your subscribers should be aware of.

O: For example, a food blogger might link to an article that talks about a recent food recall. In addition to summarizing the article in a couple of sentences, consider adding your own views on the matter.

M: This helps present yourself and your business as a thought leader in the industry, and it shows that you really understand the people you’re talking to.

O: Now you already have two slots filled in your newsletter – your own content and a piece of curated content. For the final section, consider adding a company update.

M: This can be an upcoming event, webinar, podcast or a new contest – whatever you want to spread the word about, this is your chance to tell your subscribers! It’s a great way to breathe more life into your business and get subscribers engaged.

O: Just make sure the update is relevant to your subscribers and their interests.

M: While that pretty much wraps up our three-pronged approach to creating an email newsletter, there are other things you can share in your newsletter too.

O: Maybe you want to create a newsletter that only has recent blog posts, or has two posts and one company update.

M: There’s no right or wrong approach, as long as you’re meeting the needs of your subscribers. But using your own content, curated content, and company updates is always a great place to start.

O: What ideas do you have for your email subscribers? Tell us about it in the comments!

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O: That’s it for today; we’ll see you in two weeks!