In December of 2015, we kicked off our podcast with our CMO, our Creative Director, and a single question: How could I use email marketing to support my book launch?

In episode 12, we take that question to another level with an engaging Q&A session with Honorée Corder, a speaker, coach, and authorpreneur.

What makes Honorée qualified to talk to us about publishing and tribe-building? She’s released 19 unique self-published books!

Honorée and I chat about publishing, email personalization, content tips for small businesses, and much more. There is actionable advice in this episode for writers and non-writers alike.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of developing an avatar, or persona
  • The value of writing conversational and personal emails using personalization
  • How email marketing can support your book marketing – from conception to completion
  • Why double opt-in isn’t such a bad idea
  • A simple way to develop a 12-month editorial calendar

Listen below:

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