Whether you’re selling content products, training courses or exclusive services, launching a membership website is now easier than ever before.

Caveat: You still need the right tools for the job.

Since email plays such a vital role in growing a membership site, knowing which membership services will plug right into your email marketing gives you a big headstart.

That’s why we asked four of the top membership site software providers to describe their product, and extend a special offer to our readers. So if you’re looking to launch a new membership site, or exploring new options for an existing site, you can find a platform that works for you.

1. WishList Member

Tracy Childers, Co-Founder of WishList Products, Inc. Twitter: @wishlistproduct

Who is WishList Member best suited for?

Anyone that wants to protect their online content on their WordPress-powered website.

What sets WishList Member apart from other, similar apps?

It’s a premium WordPress plugin with no monthly fees, currently trusted by over 53,145 online communities and membership sites worldwide.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

With the WishList Member-AWeber integration, you can add anyone from a membership level to a specific list within your AWeber account. If the status of a member changes in WishList Member (such as a cancel) they will also be removed from your AWeber list.

This effectively lets you communicate with your members using the power of AWeber’s email tools.

Why should AWeber customers connect to WishList Member right now?

To take advantage of the custom communication and deliverability of AWeber, within each specific membership level inside of WishList Member. Automatically updating AWeber lists keeps you in synch with your membership audiences.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

WishList Member is offered in two different license formats: 1) Single Site Licenses are $97 one-time fee, and 2) Multi-Site Licenses are $297 one-time fee. The Multi-Site License allows for an unlimited number of membership sites owned by a single person, but is not intended for webmasters building client sites.

Special bonus offer for AWeber customers: First-time WishList Member users will receive a special plugin called WishList Scheduler ($40 value).

WishList Scheduler lets you set up membership content that will appear to members on a scheduled basis. For instance, you can schedule content to show up on the same days that your autoresponder messages are delivered for maximum impact. This creates an automated delivery system for protected members-only content.

Create your account with WishList Member here (plus bonus offer)

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with WishList Member here

2. MemberMouse

Dan Caron, Chief Marketing Officer of MemberMouse. Twitter: @membermouse

Who is MemberMouse best suited for?

MemberMouse is an easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin that helps you sell products, subscriptions and memberships.

With it, you can setup a password-protected member’s area, offer one-click upsells and downsells, manage customers, automate customer service, track critical retention metrics and more.

MemberMouse was designed to be easy-to-use, but has a powerful feature set that allows you to maximize your revenue and lifetime customer value. It also includes an extensive API and Push Notification System to allow for custom business automation rules and 3rd party integrations.

What sets MemberMouse apart from other, similar apps?

MemberMouse is more than just a script to provide a password protected member’s area. It’s a business platform that tracks all the critical metrics associated with a subscription business.

Want to know your customer lifetime value? Want to know your retention rate? Without these numbers, it’s impossible to make decisions, improve weaknesses, and intelligently scale your business. If you’re not using data to drive your marketing decisions, or paying attention to the numbers, you’re wandering in the dark. Many other membership plug-ins don’t provide you with this depth of direct-response analytics.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

MemberMouse only integrates with best-in-class service providers such as AWeber. The MemberMouse and AWeber integration makes it easy to assign members to an AWeber mailing list, no matter if they’re joining a membership level or subscription, or purchasing a one-off product. Members are also automatically switched to the appropriate mailing list when they change membership levels.

Why should AWeber customers connect to MemberMouse right now?

Whether you sell digital products, subscription content, software as a service, or ship physical goods, MemberMouse provides a flexible platform that you can quickly shape to your business, with no programming required. The software gets you up and running quickly, and handles many of the common tasks in your business, freeing you to focus on your value proposition. Simply put, MemberMouse is one of the easiest ways to start your own online business.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

MemberMouse pricing is designed to be affordable for businesses of all sizes. If you’re just getting started, the Starter Plan will get you off the ground quickly from $19.95 per month. For more powerful features, you can upgrade to Advanced ($99 per month) or Premium plans ($299 per month). All MemberMouse plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Create your account with MemberMouse here

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with MemberMouse

3. MemberSonic

Andrew Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Plugin Results. Twitter: @pluginresults

Who is MemberSonic best suited for?

Internet marketers, coaches and personal trainers, looking for an easy way to deliver secure online content and products to their customers. Built on WordPress, this rapid content delivery plugin will allow anyone to create a complete membership site in less than 5 minutes using our wizard setup tool.

What sets MemberSonic apart from other, similar apps?

MemberSonic boasts all the core must-have features of a premium membership site software, with numerous integrations to extend the functionality. The intuitively designed user interface allows for any function to be performed in four clicks or less, making for fast deployment of any membership site.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

With this integration, new members will be automatically added to any AWeber mailing list specified. Membership site owners can better communicate with and engage members, thus increasing member retention and residual revenue.

Why should AWeber customers connect to MemberSonic right now?

Integrating through the AWeber API means a more secure and consistent method of adding new members to your mailing list. Direct integration means fewer steps for your customers and a better overall purchasing experience.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

MemberSonic is a one time purchase of $97 (includes lifetime customer support and product updates) for a personal use unlimited domain license. AWeber customers can save 50% with code AWEBER50 through October 31, 2014.

Create your account with MemberSonic here (use AWEBER50 to save 50%)

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with MemberSonic

4. aMember

Alex Scott, Owner of CGI-Central. Twitter: @cgicentral

Who is aMember best suited for?

Website owners who want to sell subscriptions or other digital products. A typical e-commerce setup with us includes WordPress (not necessary but recommended), aMember Pro and AWeber for email messages.

What sets aMember apart from other, similar apps?

If you need something complex, such as integration with forums, third-party systems, or selling software via subscriptions or group access (courses, for example), aMember is for you. We love complex tasks and working with clients to implement all their needs.

Another important benefit for customers is full control. aMember software is open source and installed to the customer web site, with no monthly fees.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

aMember Pro is a comprehensive ecommerce system that includes membership management, customer profile management, help desk, payments and subscription handling for over 100 payment systems, even an affiliate management module. Optional modules also include public members directory and software license handling, plus more than 60 integrations with popular website software titles like vBulletin, XenForo, phpBB, Joomla and other scripts. Of course full-featured WordPress integration is also available.

Why should AWeber customers connect to aMember right now?

To start selling e-commerce content or subscriptions, protect content and communicate with customers.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

Pricing is simple and flat. aMember costs $179.95 (one-time fee) for a lifetime license, including free installation and configuration by our professionals. We are happy to provide a $20 discount for AWeber customers: Use coupon code AWEBER2014, through October 15, 2014.

Create your account with aMember here (save $20 with AWEBER2014)

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with aMember

What’s next?

Check out these awesome services and send us your feedback in the comments. If you’re building a new membership site, let us know your results or questions. Or if you’re already using AWeber with one of these services, tell us what’s working and what challenges you’re facing.

Also, if you missed our recent apps roundups (September, August, July, June), check out the AWeber App Showcase to see more of our third-party integrations.

Olivia Dello Buono contributed to this post.