Anybody can send an email these days, but how can you make it really stand out in the inbox? Turns out, there are a lot of ways and a lot of brands are already putting those tactics to work.

We teamed up with Really Good Emails to talk about the innovative things brands are doing with email and how to apply them to your own email strategy.

It takes time and testing to know what will resonate with your audience, but if you take a cue from these email experts, you’re as good as gold.

What separates a really good email from the rest?

It depends – the answer really comes down to what your readers are most receptive to. Plain text can be just as effective as elaborate designs and interactive content, but you won’t know until you test!

Take note of any trends in your click-thru and open rates and use that data to give your subscribers what they want most.

Don’t be afraid to get creative.

In order to make an impact on your audience, you have to boldly go where no email marketer has ever gone before. (Or least far enough to stand out from the crowd.)

Part of being on top means recognizing the need for a more personalized experience. The number one takeaway? Custom content always gives us the feels.

Sometimes you need to keep an eye on things outside of your own industry to see what’s trending.

When other email marketers share their success stories, take their advice and run. Plus, it never hurts to add new creative concepts to your marketing toolbox. You never know how it can boost your existing content!

Don’t get lost in the noise

The marketing world is loud. Companies are competing left and right to outdo the other so it’s important to stay relevant, innovative and bold.

Your content and design should be able to speak for themselves.

Mistakes happen. Learn from them!

Mistakes happen, but fortunately they’re avoidable. (Even email experts make mistakes.)

Some major things to keep in mind are a consistent experience and making sure all of your emails are responsive on both web and mobile.

Be willing to go the extra mile.

First impressions matter. Make sure your design looks great, is functional and all of your links work. This is your time to really sell your customers on what you have to offer.

Here’s where the experts get inspiration.

Sign up for the email lists of your favorite brands, retailers and influencers. Bookmark the emails that catch your eye. Ask what is it about them that makes you stop and stare.

It’s not a bad thing to need a little direction. (Consider it constructive research.)

Want to join the movement?

There you have it, folks! Some of the most ingenious tips from the pros.

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