FWD Thinking Show Val Geisler

Have you ever wondered what dinner parties and email marketing have in common?

Me neither.

But after hearing email marketing super star Val Geisler relate the two, I have to say, I’ve never heard a better analogy for creating fantastic email campaigns.

In episode 4 of The FWD: Thinking Show, we talk with Val Geisler, CEO of Fix My Churn, all about how to create emails that connect with subscribers on an emotional level and drive more sales.

Episode summary

Val gives listeners a glimpse into her career journey, from in-house email marketing specialist to business owner and CEO of a company dedicated to helping other companies retain and delight their customers.

Listeners will hear Val’s best tips for reducing churn and how that small improvement can have a huge impact on your brand. She also discusses why focusing on the emotional side of the buying process will help marketers connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Finally, Val’s “Dinner Party Strategy” serves as a fantastic framework for helping marketers write engaging onboarding emails that customers absolutely love.

Want to know more about the “Dinner Party Strategy” and how to apply it to your own business? Listen to the episode now (or download it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcasts for listening later).

Time stamps for interview highlights

1:30: How Val Geisler became interested in email marketing

6:10: The story of how Val started her business

10:40: Why you should focus on keeping the customers you have

17:30: How to send humanizing email campaigns that aren’t focused on selling

19:30: What is the Dinner Party Strategy and how can small businesses apply it to their email marketing?

23:45: The most common email marketing copywriting mistakes that most marketers need to fix

26:50: How do you write marketing emails in a personal tone

30:00: How often should you A/B test your emails and what should you look for?

32:50: Val’s #1 tip for new email marketers and small business owners

Learn more about Val Geisler

Val Geisler — CEO of Fix My Churn — is ridiculously obsessed with email. An Email Marketing Conversion Copywriter and Strategist, Val spent over a decade on the inside of companies from non-profits to 7-figure businesses to tech startups. She brings her background in content creation, customer experience, and digital strategy to her incredible clients every day.

Follow and connect with Val on Twitter.